Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winners of the FREE U2 tickets announced on Hothouse Rehearsal Studio TV

The winners of a pair of tickets to the sold out U2 360ยบ Concert at the Rose Bowl on October 25, 2009 are:

Rich Vejar and Victor Silva

with the band

Learn more about Terracide at their Hothouse Studios artist profile page here.

Every month a winner is drawn from our FRC barrel. So not only do you get a free rehearsal by being part of the Frequent Rehearsal Program but you get another chance to win cash, prizes, tickets and much much more.

For more details on all our monthly giveaways go to our Contest and Promotions page. Learn more here.

Watch Richard Morales and Melinda Martinez as they pick the U2 ticket winners here Hothouse Studio Rehearsal TV.

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