Monday, June 30, 2008

FIM Peter Letter to Employees, Fox Interactive Media’s new headquarters

From TechCrunch....

About a year ago, I communicated with you about our space and parking challenges, and our ultimate plan to find a facility that could accommodate all of our LA-area team in one location. After an extensive process, I’m thrilled to inform you that we have found the ideal location for Fox Interactive Media’s new headquarters.

The new facility is located in Playa Del Rey (Horizon at Playa Vista and houses more than 300,000 square feet of commercial space. Playa Del Rey is the first newly-built community in Los Angeles in over 50 years and has become a creative hub for technology companies, including EA, the largest video game company in the world. The site itself should be amazing – including an exclusive gym, internal and external eating facilities, volleyball courts, and lots of green space for outdoor activities. Just beyond the newly-built facility will be a host of restaurants, shopping locations and living options.

FIM has experienced phenomenal success in its three-year history, and we have plans for even greater growth and achievements in the coming fiscal year. Given our tremendous track record, it’s only fitting that we should enter into the single biggest real-estate transaction in Los Angeles in the last 25 years. When we move to our new facility between June of 2009 and January of 2010, not only will we enjoy the distinction of having one of the largest corporate headquarters in the LA area, but we will be housed in a state-of-the-art facility that reflects our corporate identity and culture.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be providing you with more information about the site and the surrounding area. We’ll also provide a schedule for the phased move, as soon as those details have been decided.

I have appreciated your patience during the past year, as we’ve shifted groups to new locations to manage our growth and endured numerous space constraints and challenges. Soon, we will have an opportunity to collaborate more effectively, as well as to create a work environment that speaks to the creativity and innovation that has come to be synonymous with Fox Interactive Media.

I hope you are as enthusiastic as I am about this exciting milestone for our company.

Peter Levinsohn

DoubleClick Performics is now Google Affiliate Network

DoubleClick Performics is now Google Affiliate Network


June 30, 2008

We are pleased to introduce Google Affiliate Network . Effective Monday, June 30, 2008, DoubleClick Performics Affiliate will operate as Google Affiliate Network. The integration with Google's brand is a reflection of efforts to quickly assimilate our business and teams, as well as reinforce Google's commitment to the Affiliate channel. Together with our new colleagues at Google we are creating new opportunities for monetization, expansion and innovation in Affiliate Marketing.

Within the next couple of weeks you will see some exciting changes to the user interface reflecting the new brand. The platform will continue to be hosted at, but will eventually migrate to a product url.

As noted in earlier communications, DoubleClick Performics' Search operations are being spun off and sold to a third party. While many advertisers have relationships with both DoubleClick Performics' Affiliate and Search, there have always been separate account teams and product-specific specialists servicing clients' search and affiliate programs. These teams remain intact. While the formal separation will occur when the Search business is sold, the businesses are functionally separate today.

We are proud of what we achieved as Performics and this name change signals a new milestone. Google provides world-class resources and enables us to continue to attract the best talent to support our advertisers and publishers. Now as part of Google we have an exciting and unprecedented opportunity to advance our industry. We remain committed to ensuring you receive the quality service you have come to expect from us.

We appreciate your business and look forward to doing great things together.


Chris Henger

Group Product Manager
Google Affiliate Network

King of Kong star to go for Donkey Kong record at Twiistup 4

Subject: King of Kong star to go for Donkey Kong record at Twiistup 4

In 2007, Steve Wiebe’s quest to take the world high score from then Donkey Kong champion Billy Mitchell was documented in the film ‘The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters’. This time, Wiebe will compete for the highest score of record at the Twiistup 4 arcade, giving attendees the chance to put their video game skills to the test, as well as learn more about the ups and downs of Wiebe’s world record holder mission.

New Cell Phone Law

Here's the CA DMV FAQ on the new law; don't forget about it; it starts

One key thing to note (that was of interest to me) is that while using the
speakerphone, and dialing/txt'ing while driving are not *specifcally*
forbidden, they are strongly discouraged, and an officer *can* pull you over
if he thinks you're being unsafe while driving (and probably will as this is
another source of revenue for them), so be aware of that and be careful!

Google Dance 2008

There will be a Google Dance 2008 held during SES in San Jose, CA. The Google Dance takes place at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.

Google always steps it up each year with a slew of activities and entertainment for everyone.

It is surely not to be missed if you are attending SES San Jose 2008.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Face Reading

More on face reading coming soon.

We met Kate at the Astoria Farmer's Market. She specializes in face reading.

Stay tuned for the video.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tillamook Farmer's Market

Today we went to the Tillamook Farmer's market.

We saw many veidors there.

One that caught my attention was Crawford's Nursery and Produce. Fresh Daily. Blueberries Our Speciality.

34849 SW TONGUE Lane, Cornelius, OR 97113
Member Oregon Blueberry Growers Association
Member Oregon Association of Nurseymen

Jim Crawford
Tony D. Crawford
fax: 503.359.9227

Astoria, OR

We are back in Astoria, OR to see my Uncle Felix Caballero. He seems to be in pretty good spirits.

Today we visited with my uncle Manolo Garcia and his wife Sheila. As always they are great hosts. We then stopped by the Tillamook cheese factory and had a sample of cheese and an ice cream cone. These are the best ice creams from the dairy direct.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello and welcome from!

Hello and welcome from!

Thank you for the interest you have expressed in what we're doing at Evri. We're excited to invite you to our beta preview. To get started, use the following username and password to access

This is a Beta
This beta preview is our chance to gather real user feedback. You'll be seeing a version of our product that is still in the works, and we want to know about what you like, and anything you think we can and should be doing better. Whatever your opinion, please...

Send us Feedback!
There's a 'Send Feedback' link at the top of every page where you can tell us if we're doing well, not so well, or if something's just not working as you expect. You can even give us the nitty gritty details by additionally clicking on 'Tell us more'. You can also send us feedback directly to

Tell all your friends
We bet you know a bunch of people who might want to give us a test drive, and you can send them to our home page at to sign up for an invitation just like this one.

Thanks for helping us, we hope you enjoy this preview of our service.

The whole Evri Team

Rockness Monster

Air Guitar competition

Seattle PI has a letter written by Bill Gates in 2003

Seattle PI has a letter written by Bill Gates in 2003

Ralph's grocery stores double coupon policy

Ralph's will stop doubling coupons over 50 cents. In exchange they claim to be lower prices on many more items. There's a new rewards program now too. The old rewards cards work too.

Shoppers plan to boycott Ralph's.

New lower prices every day. Ralph's rewards.

What is Ralph's doing is confusing..... you need to update your cards. You can use both? Rewards and points.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tmobile customer service continued

So I placed another call to t-mobile today and the rep was very courteous and listened to me and was sympathetic. Obviously the reps who work for t-mobile never have phone problems....

So anyway, still no sign of the @home hotspot router. Pretty amazing considering that this is the second one they are sending out to me.

I called to forward my number to Sprint, because, Sprint actually works in the areas where tmobile does not.

The rep walked me through the steps with the **21*9999999# where 9999999 is the number you want to forward all your calls to.

I forgot to ask about how my phonebook is always syncing with some service someplace and where I could retrieve those names and numbers to make sure I have them in my new Sprint phone.

If enough people start to cancel their t-mobile service maybe t-mobile will start to pay attention???

Staples Buy Office Supplies Online

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Save on Staples brand products

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Architect Looks to Construct First Moving Tower in Dubai

Architect Looks to Construct First Moving Tower in Dubai
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
NEW YORK — Is it real or science fiction?

An Italian architect said he is poised to start construction on a new skyscraper in Dubai that will be "the world's first building in motion," an 80-story tower with revolving floors that give it an ever-shifting shape.

The spinning floors, hung like rings around an immobile cement core, would offer residents a constantly changing view of the Persian Gulf and the city's futuristic skyline.

A few penthouse villas would spin on command using a voice-activated computer. The motion of the rest of the building would be choreographed in patterns that could be altered over time.

Speaking at a news conference in New York on Tuesday, the building's designer, David Fisher, declared that his tower will revolutionize the way skyscrapers are made — a claim that might strike some as excessively bold.

Fisher acknowledges that he is not well known, has never built a skyscraper before and hasn't practiced architecture regularly in decades. But he insisted his lack of experience wouldn't stop him from completing the project, which has attracted top design talent, including Leslie E. Robertson, the structural engineer for the World Trade Center and the Shanghai World Financial Center.

"I did not design skyscrapers, but I feel ready to do so," Fisher said.
Twisting floors are just one of several futuristic features in the building, the first of several Fisher hopes to build with a similar design.

Giant wind turbines installed between every floor, he said, will generate enough electricity to power the entire building, and lifts will allow penthouse residents to park their cars right in their apartments.

A second version of the tower, to be built in Moscow, would have a retractable helicopter pad. Both structures, at over 1,300 feet, would be taller than the Empire State Building.
Even the method of construction would be unorthodox.

Fisher said each floor will be prefabricated in an Italian factory, then shipped to the site to be attached to the core. Assembling a building in this fashion, he said, will require only 80 technicians and take only 20 months, saving tens of millions of dollars, for a total cost of $700 million to build.

On its face, the project seems to pose a number of complicated engineering puzzles.

How would the plumbing hookups work in an apartment that is constantly moving? Fisher said the pipes will connect to the core via attachments similar to the ones used by military aircraft for in-flight refueling.

Wouldn't people get dizzy? No, says Fisher. The rotations will be slow enough that no one will notice.

With so many moving parts, wouldn't the building be a maintenance nightmare? Fisher said the building's modular construction will allow easy access to parts that need to be replaced.

Robertson, who attended Tuesday's news conference, said that the skyscraper might be unusual, but is "absolutely" buildable.

"You can build anything," he said, smiling.

Fisher declined to say exactly where in Dubai the tower will be built or when site work might begin. He insisted, however, that factory production is set to start within weeks and that the tower, which will contain office space, a luxury hotel and apartments, will be complete by 2010.

Sales of individual apartments will begin in September, with asking prices of around $3,000 per square foot. The smallest, at 1,330 square feet, would cost about $4 million and the largest, a 12,900-square-foot villa, $38.7 million.

Skeptics might question Fisher's credentials to pull off the job.

In a biography he had been distributing for months, he said he graduated from the University of Florence in 1976, came to New York in the mid-1980s and later developed hotels and ran a company that specialized in stone and prefabricated construction materials.

The biography also said he received an honorary doctorate from "The Prodeo Institute at Columbia University in New York." No such institution exists, however, and Columbia said it had never awarded Fisher an honorary degree.

Asked to explain the discrepancy, Fisher said, through his New York publicists, that he had been awarded the degree by the Catholic University of Rome during a ceremony in 1994 held at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, which is near Columbia's campus.

Asked again to clarify the name of the school that conferred the degree, Fisher's publicists said in an e-mail that "Dr. Fisher did receive an honorary doctorate in Economics from Pre Deo University, but it has been removed from his bio because he wants to be entirely accurate and cannot be with this information."

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ikobo online money transfer

iKobo - Send Money Worldwide

iKobo is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company that offers online money transfer to more than 145 countries. iKobo’s convenient business model uses a re-loadable Visa Prepaid card to make sending money fast, simple and secure. The service can be used to send funds to any country with an existing ATM network, or wherever Visa Prepaid is accepted for purchases. iKobo Money Transfer is particularly popular recurring remittances, since once the card is received, subsequent transactions take only seconds.

Why iKobo is the best way to transfer money worldwide?

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• The sender and receiver can monitor the card’s activity and balance online.
• No receiving agent means no problem for the recipient.
• A PIN-protected ATM is more secure than carrying large amounts of cash. In many areas, ATM cards are considered a prestigious and sophisticated way to manage funds.

iKobo - Convenient Money Transfer

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jimmy Barber in boating accident

Just saw a news story about a young boy who was swimming in a lake and was hit by a boat. He had to have hundreds of stiches and there was damage to his pelvic bone and more.

He was held afloat by his lifevest.

The boat that hit him has not come forward.

Jimmy Barber pleads for the driver/boat to come forward.

t-mobile service issues continued

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with t-mobile again.

I was once again having trouble with their service. One of the options on voice mail is to dial the party that left you the message, which push 8. So I push 8 and it starts to ring, and the voice mail keeps playing. I tried this twice and it did the same thing.

In the past when I would press 8 it would dial and connect me to the number, either someone would pick up or I would get the other person's voice mail. Well this wasn't the case with t-mobile.

So I called customer service. Today they must have had the new reps on the phones, I asked the rep if they knew how the voice mail system worked. The rep was pretty clueless, so I asked for a supervisor, who after 10 minutes picked up. So now I am on the call for 20+ minutes and pretty aggrevated. The rep then asked me to call from a different phone to troubleshoot the phone. I told them that the problem was most likely with their voice mail service as this had worked in the past when I would try it. Why would there by something with my phone affecting the voice mail, anyway. So I left it at that and hung up.

Asking a mobile customer to call from another phone is pretty inconsiderate. Why now give the customer some thing to try and call back if you still have trouble. I asked the supervisor if they would transfer me and no. They are not allowed to transfer if the customer is calling from their mobile phone. That's just not right.

T-mobile your service is getting worse, your customer service is horrible. I am just going to fwd my phone to Sprint. You guys really need to get your act together. You have lost a customer of 5 years to your inability to fix your network and bring it up to par.

Mobile phone service should be reliable. My cousin who switched to Verizon is very happy and he was with t-mobile. Can't believe he put up with it so long.

t-mobile.... can you year me now?

Learn How to Earn Extra Income From Home

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X1 Technologies Receives US Patent for Search Efficiency


X1 Technologies Receives US Patent for Search Efficiency

PASADENA, CA - X1 Technologies Inc., the
innovator in enterprise search solutions, announced in a Tuesday press
release that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent
for X1 Technologies that provides for quick and efficient search.
Patent, No. 7,370,035, entitled Methods and Systems for Search Indexing.

The Patent covers an advanced technique for dynamically producing search results as characters are entered into a search field.

For example, as a user begins to type keywords into a search field,
the search results are generated and refined as each new character is
entered into the search field. With search performed incrementally, the
"fast-as-you-type" search results are narrowed immediately after each
character in a search string is entered. This gives the user
substantially more feedback as the search string is entered, allowing
them to decide whether to enter additional search criteria or not.

"Search has become as pervasive as the internet due to the sheer
amount of information we deal with on a daily basis," said Bill Gross,
founder and CEO Idealab. "Having been personally involved in the
creation of the technology behind this patent, it brings both personal
and professional pride that X1 has achieved this important milestone in
changing how enterprise search is done."

The X1 Enterprise Search Suite is a combination of products that
allow knowledge workers to search, preview and act upon data anywhere
in the enterprise from a single, elegant interface. With the X1
Enterprise Search Suite, businesses of all sizes can search virtually
everything that exists on the PC and server along with over 400 file
types and applications, including email solutions such as Microsoft
Exchange and Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Symantec Enterprise Vault
and Lotus Notes/Domino.

"The issuance of this patent is a one of the keystones to X1's
impact on the enterprise search market," said John Waller, president
and COO of X1 Technologies. "Our goal isn't just to make search faster,
but to innovate how search is done, which is why this and several
pending patents are key to X1's momentum."

Yahoo and Microsoft Talks back on

Reports are coming in that Microsoft and Yahoo are talking again.

TechCrunch blogs about MSFT/YHOO talks being back on
and Yahoo's stock is up on that news.

Supposedly in the south of $33 price

U.S. home prices down 15.3% in past year


home prices down 15.3% in past year:

6/24/2008 9:11:46 AMBULLETIN >>
U.S. home prices down 15.3% in past year: S&P/Case-Shiller
6/24/2008 9:11:46 AM

Autocerm: improve gas and car performance

Q. What is AutoCerm?
A. AutoCerm is a ceramic catalyst that is embedded 2 microns into the sub-surface of the metal of an engine or drive train.

Q. How does AutoCerm work?
A. AutoCerm seals and protects metal for superior lubrication of hot parts. AutoCerm can maintain adhesion to hot metal in excess of 1900º F. Normal oil avoids metal at 275º and will oxidize at 375-425º.

The hard ceramic finish will expand and contract without separating from the metal which ensures protection in both hot and cold conditions.

AutoCerm is extremely strong and can withstand pressures in excess of 350,000 PSI. That is over 20 times the protection of any oil, additive or synthetic oil.

AutoCerm's advanced and entrenched properties provide for enhanced lubrication which allows the engine to run smoothly and cleanly, as well as providing for increased power.

Moreover, the micro-embedded AutoCerm properties can be maintained not only at high temperatures but also exist on the engine parts after the engine stops running.

This effect is in stark contrast to the inadequate filming of motor oil which results in a condition referred to as "dry-start". Because motor oil drains off the engine parts when the engine is not running, an inadequate layer of lubricant causes engine parts considerable wear each time the engine is started.

Q. Will AutoCerm damage my engine?
A. No. AutoCerm is not only safe for your car, it’s good for it. Unlike “oil treatments”, AutoCerm contains no solvents or FTEs. AutoCerm was tested for over 5 years in state and federal-government approved facilities.

Q. Is AutoCerm similar to STP, SLICK 50, or any other oil additive?
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! AutoCerm is patented new technology that doesn't rely on PTFE's. AutoCerm has never been known to accumulate and cause engine problems. If there is any excess amount of AutoCerm at any given time, it will increase your fuel economy and exit when the oil is changed.

Q. How many treatments do I have to apply?
A. Because AutoCerm works with your engine, not the oil, one treatment is all you’ll need to see lasting improvement in engine efficiency. Small maintenance doses are recommended to reach even better results over time. But they’re not necessary.

Q: Does AutoCerm work with Diesel engines
A.Yes. The dosage required varies depending on the size of your diesel engine. Four cylinder: One (2-oz.) bottle; Six Cylinder - Two Bottles: Eight Cylinder - Three bottles.

Metro Train Accident Downtown LA

Metro Train Accident Downtown LA

SAG Strike Pending?

There's a possible strike looming next week by the Screen Actor's Guild. SAG.

Barbeque Accessories

Charbroil Grillhog XL - to clean your grill

Remote Gas meter -

Great chef stainless steel wipes disposable

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin Special on Larry King


I got the chance to see George Carlin with my friend Rob Tonkin a few years back Honolulu, HI for a New Year's Eve performance in 2003
, George Carlin, Dec. 31, Blaisdell Concert Hall

Kelly Carlin McCall Carlin's only daughter. Respect, loving people, speaking the truth.

Kind and generous giving man.

Patrick his older brother found out from his son.

Private memorial this weekend and then in a couple weekends their will be a public memorial where people can speak.

Hugh Hefner has some words to say as well. played the playboy club in 1960.


Greetings friends and fellow locavores!


Due to the extreme heat, supplies are limited and reserved for our restaurant clients.

You may be interested to know.....

On June 29, Path to Freedom – Urban Homestead will host a vegetarian,
local-food potluck and a screening of the French documentary, The World
According to Monsanto. The dinner and screening will be held 6–10 PM on
the grounds of 651 N Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena. Suggested donation
is $10. Space is limited so reservations are necessary.

To reserve, please call (626) 844–4586 or register online at

DerVaes Gardens

“Fresh from our garden to your table”

Growing high quality organic produce and edible flowers since 1995

626.795.8400 /

Pure Water Science: Venice Eco-Fest 2008


Pure Water Science


Venice Eco-Fest 2008

Saturday, June 28; from 10 am to 7 pm

Venice Beach (the end of Windward)

Free Admission

To help reduce litter from plastic water bottles,

Pure Water Science will supply Venice Eco-Fest

with free drinking water at 3 locations.

The water is purified and oxygenated onsite,

and served in compostable corn cups.

Technology for a Healthy Planet

The weather should be warm so stop by for water.

And buy a Klean Kanteen – the non-toxic water bottle

made of the same stainless steel as the tank of our water system.

See the attached poster for more information

about Venice Eco-Fest.

Pure Water Science

Better for you. Better for the planet. your top source for vitamins - Discount Vitamin Warehouse

Some info on - Discount Vitamin Warehouse. Free Shipping on orders over $100.

Welcome to, your top source for vitamins, supplements and other health related products. We pledge to be reliable and innovative in order to make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

We provide our customers with the finest products on the market, and our discount vitamin warehouse is filled with the latest and greatest items from the top brand names in the industry. We have over 20,000 products on our site, which is one of the largest catalogs available online. Searching for products can be done by brand name, category or specific product title. Navigating the site for products is easy and user-friendly. Our prices are rock bottom and the selection is unbeatable. We only ship our products within the continental U.S. and Hawaii. We offer Free Shipping on most orders over $100.

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Write us:
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460 Faraday Ave.
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The Sunset Strip Music Festival

Karmen Beck
(818) 519-6566

Tommy Nast
(213) 445-6278

The Sunset Strip Music Festival, LLC
9040 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 212
West Hollywood, CA 90069

About The Sunset Strip Music Festival

To commemorate the music history of The Strip, the first annual Sunset Strip Music Festival will be held June 26-28, 2008.

All performances will happen inside the world famous Viper Room, Roxy, Whisky, House of Blues, Cat, and Key Clubs on the Notorious Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

The festivities will kick off on Thursday with a special opening night party at the House of Blues, hosted by Mark McGrath, to pay tribute to the Godfathers of the Sunset Strip - Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri, and Elmer Valentine. There will also be a very special musical performance to end the night.

Friday and Saturday night will feature performances at each of the clubs by some of the latest and hottest artists. Check back often for the show list.

Before the final performances on Saturday, there will be an exclusive panel discussion at the brand new London West Hollywood Hotel. CNN's Larry King will interview the Godfathers of the Sunset Strip among an audience of music legends and industry experts.

Check and often for more updates!




Active Stocks to Watch in the News: VIASPACE Inc. (OTCBB: VSPC), Universal Energy Corp. (OTCBB: UVSE), ASM International NV (NASDAQ: ASMI), Lucas Energy (AMEX: LEI), Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC)

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 23, 2008 )
PASADENA, CA, USA.—VIASPACE Inc. (OTCBB: VSPC), announced today that its subsidiary Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation (DMFCC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Suzuki Technology Limited of Singapore to co-develop direct methanol fuel cells and fuel cartridges for the multibillion-dollar notebook computer and portable electronics industries. A single fuel cell cartridge could power a notebook computer for up to 10 hours and can actually run the device indefinitely without electricity by hot swapping a new fuel cartridge.

Carl Kukkonen, CEO of VIASPACE and DMFCC, commented, “We are pleased to begin this new collaboration with Suzuki Technology. We believe that our knowledge of the industry, our large portfolio of intellectual property and strong relationships with fuel cell developers, as well as our world class manufacturing partners, including SATO Group of Japan, Nypro of the U.S. and Tyco Electronics, will afford opportunities to combine fuel cell innovation with Suzuki’s notebook computers and other digital technology.”

Suzuki produces and markets electronics products including notebook computers, portable storage devices, optical disk drives, memory modules, flash-based memory and graphic accelerators. Suzuki is pursuing opportunities to improve and differentiate its products with technology advances.

VIASPACE through DMFCC manufactures disposable fuel cartridges for portable electronics applications, and fuel cell and battery test equipment. VIASPACE also sells high-quality and safe rechargeable lithium-based batteries. DMFCC has licensed the extensive Caltech/USC portfolio of direct methanol fuel cell related patents.

About VIASPACE: Founded in 1998 with the objective of transforming proven space and defense technologies from NASA and the Department of Defense into hardware and software solutions that solve today's complex problems, VIASPACE benefits from important patent and software licenses from Caltech, which manages NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. VIASPACE is located in Pasadena California. For more information, please see, or contact Dr. Jan Vandersande, Director of Communications at 800-517-8050, or

About Suzuki: Headquartered in Singapore, Suzuki aspires to become a global brand in the information technology industry through innovation and forward-looking technological products. More information is available at

Press contact: Carl Kukkonen 626-768-3360
This news release includes forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements relate to future events or our future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Such factors include the risks outlined in our periodic filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including our Annual Report on Form 10-KSB for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2007, as well as general economic and business conditions, the ability to acquire and develop specific projects and technologies, the ability to fund operations, changes in consumer and business consumption habits, and other factors over which VIASPACE has little or no control.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures from Make Music Pasadena 2008

Pictures from Make Music Pasadena 2008.

Held at several locations around Pasadena and featuring 50 performers/bands/musicians, Make Music Pasadena was very successful.

Some of the bands I got to see perform and have pictures of include Nortec Collective(on Nacional Records), I got to meet Natalia Linares, Abe and some of the staff. Great team. Later in the day around 6pm Kinky performed for nearly 2 hours in front of thousands of fans. They had the fans going crazy. There was even a makeshift pit on Holly Street! In the blistering heat the music endured as the fans did.


Thread started by DAYLO at 06.14.08 - 10:50 pm

The 626 Ride aka SUNDAY NIGHTS RACCOONS is an every Sunday night bike ride.
We will be riding twenty to thirty miles on medium pace through the streets of:
Pasadena, Altadena, South Pasadena, and Sierra Madre.

Every Sunday Night

Carl's Jr. Parking Lot
1465 E. Colorado
Pasadena, CA 91106



Your bike (road or fixed)
Lights both front and rear
Extra tube and pump

****If you are under 18, you must wear a helmet. IT'S THE LAW.****

this ride is started by this dude:


SUPPORT the 626 ride.

06.14.08 - 10:52 pm


anyone showing up?

06.15.08 - 11:16 am


right on, daylo. my lazy ass has been wanted to get a (night) ride started around pasadena. unless my dad decides he cares about father's day this year and wants to do something, i'll be there.

06.15.08 - 3:27 pm


good turn out guys. missed you at the ride lackflag but for sure meet us again this coming sunday.

06.16.08 - 3:34 am



06.16.08 - 2:31 pm


PostRider's quick video edit of some footage he took this past sunday.


06.17.08 - 4:11 am


gonna be bringing the boom box and we will be rocking to a funk/soul playlist. yeah. one more day !!!

06.21.08 - 10:30 pm


I'll be there - I want to support rides in my neighborhood (Pasadena).

I'll bring my sound system trailer which is available for you funck/soul playlist if you'd like.

06.22.08 - 2:39 am


Bands running on empty

Interesting article by Joe Gross on musicians and bands challenged with the price of gas.

The article appears on

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008


Make Music Pasadena happens this Saturday

Free to the Public
This Saturday, June 21, 2008
10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Downtown Pasadena, California

For the entire line-up, all locations and times,

Downtown Pasadena will be filled with more than 300 free concerts held simultaneously on World Music Day for the first ever Make Music Pasadena, a Fête de la Musique event, Saturday, June 21, 10 a.m.–10 p.m. Presented in part by Levitt Pavilions Free Music across America and public radio station KCRW 89.9FM, Make Music Pasadena will showcase Grammy Award nominees, platinum-recording artists, along with homegrown and emerging talent. Billed as Southern California’s largest free music festival, Make Music Pasadena will feature internationally known performers including The Raveonettes, Kinky, Dengue Fever and many more.

This free all-day, all-ages music festival brings an adventurous mix of hundreds of professional and amateur musicians who will perform in more than 30 unconventional performance spaces such as city buses, sidewalks, parks, courtyards, alleys and building lobbies. Other sites will include some of Pasadena’s most recognized cultural institutions such as City Hall and local museums.

This festival of sound will feature an eclectic main stage line up presented by Levitt Pavilions Free Music across America and public radio station KCRW 89.9FM. Artists include acclaimed Cambodian psychedelic rock sensation Dengue Fever, platinum selling jazz artist Bobby Rodriguez, two time Latin Grammy Award nominee Nortec Collective presents Bostich + Fussible, Grammy Award Nominee Kinky, hot French export The Plasticines, Danish duo The Raveonettes, Los Angeles natives Everest, Division Day, The Little Ones, Jesca Hoop and many more.

“A partnership between Levitt Pavilions and Make Music Pasadena is a natural fit as both organizations present free music concerts to build community and create cultural understanding through music,” said Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch, VP of the Mortimer Levitt Foundation. “Levitt Pavilions, Free Music across America is thrilled to support Make Music Pasadena to celebrate the power of music as a social connector and inform the thousands who will attend on June 21 that outstanding, diverse music performances, free of charge, will continue throughout the summer at the Levitt Pavilions in both Pasadena and MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.”

Expected to draw record crowds, Make Music Pasadena is the West coast premier of international music phenomenon Fête de la Musique, which takes place simultaneously in more than 300 cities, 108 countries and five continents around the world. Fête de la Musique began in France in 1982 as a way to promote all kinds of music while encouraging the public to delve into their own artistic talents. The event aims to popularize musical practices for all ages and from all cultural and social backgrounds while creating an opportunity to communicate and share a very special connection through music.

Make Music Pasadena is presented in part by Levitt Pavilions Free Music across America and is produced by One Colorado, Old Pasadena Management District, Playhouse District Association, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau, Pasadena Arts Council, Alliance Française de Pasadena, French Cultural Services in Los Angeles and FLAX (France Los Angeles Exchange).

For more information on Make Music Pasadena please contact 626.793.8171 or visit

For more information on Fête de la Musique internationally, visit

# # #

Work the System to get what you want

"Work the System" to get what you want

Learn how on this free teleseminar Tuesday

"Seizing control: How to work less and make more"

If you're tired of working long, strenuous hours -- and seeing little on your paycheck to show for it -- here's your chance to seize control and find freedom.
Sam Carpenter, author of the new book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Working Less and Making More, will be presenting on the Free Escape 9 to 5 Teleseminar Series Tuesday, June 24. For small business owners, corporate ladder-climbers, and nine-to-fivers, this will be your boots-on-the-ground blueprint for breaking free and actually getting what you want out of life.

Carpenter is president and CEO of Centratel, the number one telephone answering service in the nation, located in Bend, Ore. He says that by streamlining his business and assuming a new, simple vantage point, he's found the answer to working less and making more. On Tuesday, you'll learn the specifics of how Sam "worked the system" to reduce an 80- to 100-hour workweek to a mere 2 hours -- and the simple, tangible steps necessary to follow in his footsteps.

What: "Seizing control: How to work less and
make more"

When: Tuesday, June 24, 2008
6 p.m. (Pacific), 9 p.m. (Eastern)

Cost: Free

Click here to register

By the way, Sam was recently interviewed on superstation KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. You can view the entire interview on our homepage:
You will also find a valuable free download on

Here's what some readers are saying about Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Working Less and Making More:

"The best management book of the year. Follow Sam's path and your business will become orderly, disciplined, repeatable, and profitable."
- Thomas Cox, founder of Cox Business Consulting,

"Just because you're a small business doesn't mean you should think or act small. Sam Carpenter has brought together the practices of the biggest and best companies to help you succeed in your small business."
- Rich Sloan, co-founder of

Hope you'll join us on Tuesday. Again, go to Escape 9 to 5 to sign up for the call.

Natalie Troyer
Publicist, North Sister Publishing

factory reset Dell Laser Printer 1700/1710/1710N

factory reset Dell Laser Printer 1700/1710/1710N
Solution To factory reset your Dell 1700 series printer follow these steps.
  1. Turn off your printer
  2. Open the front cover (push the button on the left side)
  3. Hold down the "Continue" and "Cancel" buttons and turn the power back on.
  4. When the "Error LED" light on the control panel is solid, close the cover and release the "Continue" and "Cancel" buttons.
Tip: To print a configuratoin sheet push the "Continue" button twice. This will give your printers IP Address.

Viva Los Mexicanos

FRIENDS: Never ask for food.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Are the reason you have food.
. . .
FRIENDS: Will say 'hello.'
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Will give you a big hug and a kiss.
. . .
FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Call your parents mom and dad.
. . .
FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Cry with you.
. . .
FRIENDS: Will eat at your dinner table and leave.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Will spend hours there, talking, laughing and just being together and then take a plate to go.
. . .
FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours.
. . .
FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you.
. . .
FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' ass that left you.
. . .
FRIENDS: Would knock on your door.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Walk right in and say, 'Hey, I'm here!'
. . .
FRIENDS: Are for a while.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Are for life.
. . .
FRIENDS: Pretend it is OK when you are being a pest.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Tell you, 'Hay, como chingas !!!!
. . .
FRIENDS: Will ignore this.
MEXICAN FRIENDS: Will forward this to their other Mexican friends!! Los Angeles June 19 was held last night at the LA Brewery off the 5 fwy near USC Medical Center.

I had a chance to meet several very interesting people.

Clay Stranger - Wine Consultant & Sales with The Organic Wine Works
We talked about wine making. The Sulfite Free wines sound like a big hit.
The Organic Wine Works -
Producers of
Radical Red
Maverick Merlot
Radical Cab
Surf'n Syrah
Zenful Zin
a' Notre Terre (to our earth)
a Rhone style red blend
Proprietors Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon
Proprietors Reserve Zinfandel
Also Producers of
Hallcrest Vineyards
Ultra Premium Wines from the Santa Cruz Mountains Established 1941

Eric Schlissel - Social Media Business Consultant
Connect Grow Profit
We talked about social media.

Michael Weikai Chang - Ph.D. Graduate Student, Electrical Enginnering, University of Southern California.

Drew Harding - Product Strategy with CitrusByte
We talked about a job sites and music trends and brands.
The guys are CitrusByte are doing some amazing things.
There a new site coming out called TalenBoom, check it out at

Several other people including a VC's, a science teacher from Santa Fe Springs High School, batista, artists, designers, yoga instructors.

Love the event. I'll be going back next month, as long as it doesn't conflict with Twiistup 4.

-Victor Caballero

Jim Villanueva

It was good to see a past co-worker this week here at CenterStaging in Burbank.

Jim Villanueva is working with Dial Global and does many radio interviews.

He is the West Coast Entertainment Music Reporter.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rogue Valley Soap Co. Natural Handmade Soap
Made with olive, coconut, and palm oils. Scented with pure essential oils. Colored with herbs. Natural high in glycerin. Approx wt. 3.5 to 4 oz.

They make candles as well. Premium hand-poured candles. Hurricanes, Votives, and Tealights.

Rogue Valley Soap Co.
PO Box 772
Grants Pass, OR 97528
(541) 479-2446

POGO Updates

POGO invites here.

Code is bTHTRjv1