Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election of 2008

It is the amazing election of 2008. History is being made as we will either have an African American who will be the leader of this country or the oldest President in conjunction with a woman as vice president. History in the making!

At my polling place this morning in Pasadena on Washington Blvd, Longfellow Elementary I noticed people wearing political buttons, but I also noticed what was something very interesting in the school yard which was right next to the auditorium, kids chanting/singing Obama, Obama, ..... That to me was pretty amazing. It could have had something to do with the fact that the kids were Afro-American, but I really didn't pay attention to that. Kids are influenced by the media and they do listen and watch what is happening.

So far it seems that Barack Obama will win, but nothing is given yet.

As of 5:30pm Pacific Time, 77 electoral votes for Obama and 34 for McCain.

It was good to see the stock market make a nice move up today. In addition we are seeing gas prices dipping below $2 a gallon at stations around the country. In the Los Angeles area, Burbank - Pasadena we are still in the $3 range.

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