Friday, November 14, 2008

Sam's Club Black Friday 2008 ad

Lots of buzz on the Black Friday ad from Sam's Club this year. Apparently a major typo on the front page WII package advertised at $224, when it should have been $425.

Here's the link


Amiya said...

The countdown to "Black Friday" is on. Black Friday as you know the Friday after Thanksgivin, the busiest holiday shopping season of the year.

Anonymous said...

It was no typo. Their Black Friday ad was "leaked" out there on the Internet for almost two weeks before they did anything about it. Other stores like Big Lots were ordering those ads down the very day they appeared. That ad was obviously leaked on purpose, providing the perfect scapegoat for Sam's to scam people legally. I can just here them now, "What? We didn't publish that ad. It's not our fault thousands of people bought new memberships based on that leaked."

If Sam's had any intestinal fortitude they would offer to cancel those memberships and make restitution for anyone who'd purchased a new membership under false long as they didn't use the membership already. If they don't, I hope all those people share their memberships with everyone they know. Let lots of people shop at Sam's without buying a membership.

Anonymous said...

Forensicoo7 - a ridiculous and surely untrue assumption. Why would Sam's Club "leak" the ad to garner memberships which are fully refundable at ANY time, for ANY reason - even on day 364 of the year. It was a doltish prank. No company the size/stature of Sam's Club would resort to those methods of getting members only to turn around and lose them over a price on a game system.