Friday, December 7, 2007

Plastic Shell Packaging

I thought I would bring up a sore subject. How many times have you purchased a product that is encased in one of those plastic shells, that is nearly impossible to break into?

The biggest problem with these packages isn't that most of us can't get into them without much difficulty, but that what you end up in the process. I just bought one of the TomTom ONE GPS units and I must say it had to be one of the most difficult shells to open, not only was he plastic extra thick, but there are metal pieces on the hole where the package goes onto a display rack.

Why not have packaging that is sealed, but also hard to open unless you have purchased it? Perhaps once you purchase the item the store has a device that removes part of the seal so that it is easier to open.

Or instead of using these plastic shells, use a recycled box material. I prefer this packaging any day. Plastic is bad for the environment and is unecessary.

Here are a few tools which can be of help with opening these shells.



Shears and scissors will also work, but these above devices are a little more effective.

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