Monday, December 10, 2007

Warriors vs. Worriers

Listening to a conference call with Ty Cohen. He is talking about the differences with WARRIORS and WORRIERS.
Tonight's Motivational Music Tele-seminar

Here's some of the highlights from the call:

Recognize your uniqueness.
Stay true to what makes you happy
Jay Z - knows how to do it, creates value in him and his music

Being a person of integrity and ethics, strong work ethic, companies will come seek you out.

You have to do things to get the word out, YouTube, MySpace, Fan Generation, Giveaways, Articles, etc...

Born for success and destined for greatness
Decisive -
Don't worry about what other people think
Do what is in their heart
Don't try to please everyone with your music
Takes action for themselves, constantly on the go, constantly trying to help their carriers, to teach themselves something
Give it 120%
stay focused, I am focused to put things into perspective. What is important for the day.
Elevated expectations - they want more, they know they can have more, not that they have to be broke, waiting for handouts, they know they do things that will get them what they want.
No worries, aim high to sell 50 cds a day, with no discounts, full price
No holds bar, set goals and achieve them
Have a faith in themselves
Take chances away from the normal
Focused - they know what they want and devise a plan until they achieve or surpass.
Don't play for peanuts, don't beg for deals, position themselves to draw people to see value and people can't turn you down,
Build value in yourself
Prepared and Plan - every night they plan the next days activities the goals, keep a pen with you and piece of paper

Indecisive - worry so much about making a decision. Ty mentioned one of the artist
They worry about what other people think, every little thing
Try to please everyone or too many people, never please themselves and cause a mess
Try to cater to everyone
They claim to always be planning waiting for right moment, they never take action,
Worried about selling a limited amount, i.e. 50 cds for a week
live meager lives
never been taught to make money with their talent or that they need someone to assist them
Stop being afraid of going to the next steps, like signing with a major label or not being able to do it yourself, do you need a major label?
Expect labels to hand them a deal
Worry about what if
Full of fear, nobody will listen, color of background, simple things
Worried about putting it out
Easily distracted
No idea, no plan, no idea what they are doing from day to day, not getting things done, wasting time

Change your attitude, people will start to recognize you!

Testimonials! Be a fanatic and put in 120%!

Getting you music out there. Sell music online like crazy with the website, How to use the internet to sell your music on a global level. Like Soldier Boy

Ty holds this call weekly, I recommend it.

Next week, "call to action" How to get people to your site. To recognize your business, services, talent

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