Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fry's Electronics Returns Nightmare

Beware of Fry's!

I want to report an incident with Fry's in the last week.

Fry's is taking advantage of older people in this case senior citizens.

My folks, in retirement purchased a toner cartridge at Fry's. The cartridge did not work properly within a week they had returned it to the store they purchased it.
The customer service rep refused to help them with the situation, and the manager/supervisor that came over was useless. He basically accused them of trying to return a cartridge that was empty.

The manager walked away and left my parents standing there.

This occured at the Fry's in City of Industry at 13401 Crossroads Parkway North
(562) 463-2400.

The cartridge was purchased on the 9th and returned on the 10th. Basically they tried it and it didn't work properly so they returned it.

My message to Fry's, you have lost not some customers for life, maybe you don't care, but you will at some point and remember that the basis of that bankruptcy is payback for how you treated your customers for so many years!

So I have decided to call the store manager and talk to him/her about this.

First call I got disconnected.

Second call I got transfered to customer service, waiting to get transfered to the store manager.

I got transfered to a customer service person because the store manager does not get in for another hour.

So I talk to Rodelle, who asked for the time and date of the incident.

I call my folks and get the date and time.

Now I am on the phone trying to get a hold of Rodelle, who is not picking up now. He is somewhere on the floor???? He is PIC, person in charge. I left a message, to see if he will call me back. It's 10:45am now.

If this is not resolved I will be reporting this to the BBB and other government agencies.

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