Monday, January 21, 2008

Sell Your Old Books

well here is another way to make money. Do you have any old books sitting around your house collecting dust. If you answered yes to this then you have I have a solution.

When you first think about selling your books you think man what a hassle. I have to go to and post it there hope that some other student need this book well not no more is you solution. you can Turn your unwanted books into cash and put it towards your debt, buy something new or deposit it in your saving account for a rainy day.

Ebookdrop makes selling your books quick, easy and painless. All you need is a box to ship your books.

How does work?
1. You enter your book’s ISBN number or UPC Barcode. It will give you the price they are offering. If you decide to sell it for their offer, you add it to the shopping cart.
2. After you determine which books you are selling, you can print up the prepaid labels. You can also use their contact form to request prepaid labels.
3. You enter your information and how you want to get paid. They offer three payment methods: paypal, check and money order.
4. You put the box in the mail and wait for your payment.

Are there any restrictions to the kinds of books buys?
1. The site says they will take books with some highlighting or handwriting, but they reserve the right to adjust the price for anything excessive. They will contact you in this case.
2. They will not accept books that are moldy, stained, unclean copies or damaged books with missing pages.
3. They will not buy “promotional use only” books, advance reading copies (ARCs) or uncorrected proof copies

so go to the and make yourself some money.

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