Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cherry Picking in LA

Hi Cherry Pickers!

Wow! The Bings and Rainiers are now perfect! This weekend (June 14th and 15th) and next weekend (June 21st and 22nd) will be be great for picking. We just opened up about 1000 Bing and Rainier trees this last weekend and will open another section of about 1000 trees this weekend. We have lots and lots of ripe cherries so come join us for cherry picking fun!

We do suggest you put on your sunscreen, wear a hat and closed toed comfortable shoes to make your picking more enjoyable. We do sell water but you might want to bring some along. Remember, we have buckets for you to pick with and paper bags to take your cherries home in (paper is much better than plastic to let your cherries breathe so they will last longer). All of our varieties of cherries are the same price, $3 per pound--the same price we have been for the last three years. We accept credit and debit as well as cash for your convenience.

For other tips and for great cherry recipes visit our web site at www.upickcherries.com.

This weekend and next week end should be perfect for picking! And don't forget, if you'd rather avoid the crowds, you can come picking during the week. We are open every day from 8am to 6pm. If you have questions you can always email us at info@upickcherries.com.

Come join the fun!

Thanks to all of you who have visited. It's been great meeting you and seeing old friends we've met before.

Gary and Maxi

Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farms

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