Saturday, January 5, 2008

World Record Drummers
Over 1000 beats per minute! WOW!
1119 per minute - Matt "the kid" Smith
1126 per minute was the record

On News To Me Matt did 1042 beats! Wow.

Check out this video of the world's fastest drummer.

Extreme drumming 3:44
'News To Me's' Eric Lanford checks out the sport of extreme drumming and even takes a shot at the title!


Alan "Boo" McAfee - developed a machine to

Buddy Rich
Barry Deans


Anonymous said...

I saw this last night on news to me on cnn, will be on again tonight, it's so totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

also for th esport see they have like 50 videos on their site....

Anonymous said...

totally rad, he's even faster than travis barker