Monday, January 7, 2008

Yahoo Life! Yahoo Go!

Starting today, any publisher can make “widgets” that plug into Yahoo! Go! Showing some icons on screen of eBay (EBAY), News Corp.’s (NWS) MySpace, and Viacoms (VIA.B) MTV. Been working in partnership with eBay, Viacom and News for past few months, have some widgets developed with them.

A “widget” is a fully fledged mobile app, Boris is insisting — “Everything I do on my PC I can now do on my mobile phone.” Showing off MySpace, friend requests. Yang: “We have the potential for many, many developers to join this.”

Yahoo! Go! available on over 300 devices. Yahoo! Go 3.0 will be offered on over 30 devices when it goes live. As part of the developer strategy, also manage to runs the widgets on any phone with a Web browser, which means a phone doesn’t have to have the Yahoo! Go! code on it. Able to call up one’s personalized list of widgets from any phone.

Working with LG Electronics and other phone vendors to make widgets run natively on phones.

Yang points adds are running on the user interface of the phone, segueing into mobile advertising. Taking technology for widget developers and giving it to advertisers to make “rich ads.” In the demo, clicking on the “stores” link for an advertisor leads to a scrollable map of store locations.

You’ll be able to check out a beta version of 3.0 later today by directing your phone’s browser to

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