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AntiSpyware and AntiVirus products

AntiSpyware and AntiVirus products
by: Victor Caballero

Using a computer security will definitely be a good investment to stop the proliferation of computer viruses and ensure integrity. While there are several types of anti virus that exist in various degrees, “virulence” and severity of damage, installing one is a must and should be basic for anyone who’s concerned about care and maintenance. Just as there are pathologic viruses in human beings that cause certain diseases and have deadly and fatal complications, also with different degrees of virulence or the pathogenicity, it carries the same idea as with computers having viruses. Both men and machines, believe it or not, can suffer from viruses too. But they differ in some degree and aspects.
It is of utmost important then that an antivirus should be installed into your computer as it will serve as the computer’s defense for any invading computer virus threatening the entire computer system. These antivirus software is a combination of computer programs which are accustomed to identify and sort out viruses and malicious software or what they call as “malware”. It is the antivirus software’s job in your computer to attack these unscrupulous software and help eliminate them entirely out from the system.
As antivirus software programs are available in several ways, it would also be possible to purchase a computer set that has been installed with antivirus software program already. You can buy computer antivirus software installers and immediately install your choice of antivirus software.
There are viruses called “invaders” for they attack the inner processes of the computer and the computer must be protected from the damages that these viruses can cause. Aside form this danger there are other potential dangers viruses present. Would you want your most precious files deleted by the virus? Many of the viruses out there will do just that. They attack and delete files and programs on your computer hard drive. So those reports and other pertinent files that you have worked for several weeks are at great risk of becoming lost or inaccessible because of a virus. There also viruses that can cause severe damage in your computer through the use of the platform of the computer and gain unauthorized access to your personal data.
How does an antivirus work? There are two main ways. First, it will scan files for viruses, very much like screening the computer for attackers. If it identifies a virus, it will refer it to the virus dictionaries to match it as an identified virus noting the infection in the computer. Secondly it looks for any program displaying suspicious behavior and seeks to find out if it is because of a virus infecting the entire computer system.
Antivirus products in the marketplace are plenty and some of the best antivirus software are for free and can be installed with no hassle or frills. Ensuring that the antivirus has excellent technical capabilities and efficient degree of accuracy during virus dictionary matching process is the basic way of knowing if the software is good or bad. Regrettably, anti-spywares are becoming a fad nowadays and it is more hassle than comfort to see you computer being congested by adware and spyware.
Addressing these concerns would initially require you to free yourself from much concern of eradicating spyware in your system by understanding first the importance of these spywares. A good ample working knowledge regarding spyware will help in combat them. Spyware activities in your computer can also be detected and minimized through an anti-spyware that will work to identify, sort, isolate, remove and prevent occurrence of spyware.
Spyware is actually a coined word used as an internet jargon to mean an advertising supported software or what we call Adware. It is a thriving business move of some authors in turn selling it to the users as with banner ads that are usually offered by large advertising and media companies. Spywares, on the other hand are not an illegal type of software though but they can be really irritating at times. Why? Spywares are software installed in the computer without the owners or primary users consent and which tracks and records the user’s activity. They often include malwares, adwares, and some spywares include data miners as well as browser parasite and a lot more than is known at this time. Many spywares usually attack browsers such as Internet Explorer and system applications and have found ways to crash the system including being disguised Trojan horses, dialers and homepage hijackers. It’s never a happy moment with these spywares for they can ultimately slow down your computer system.
The following product summaries will be helpful in identifying some of the best anti-virus and anti-spyware in the market,
1. Norton antivirus by Symantec - one of the leading antivirus solutions in the world. A user-friendly software that works with Windows and Macintosh, it defends the computer from viruses downloaded in files through email. Norton has also efficient ways to watch out for suspicious PC activity and automatically check downloaded materials for presence of virus. The software was created handle E-mail virus scanning for incoming and outgoing electronic mails.
2. Stopzilla, antivirus and antispam software, protects, blocks and detect the existence of spyware and adware by aborting pop-ups and erasing cookies.

3. Pandas Antivirus is also user-friendly software that has no rivals and is very affordable. Is easily installed and with the Panda antivirus, scanning time is similar to other antivirus software. The software is also equipped with automatic update function and a full service scheduler is also provided to allow the user to define how often and when scans would occur.
4. Anonymizer Anti-Spyware detects spyware and tracking programs that other antivirus software won't discover if they are disguised as real and existing programs. The software allows efficient cleaning up from bothersome adwares and spywares which might bring harmful effects to your system.

5. For internet savvy individuals Acronis is an essential tool for those who are at greater risk in catching spy ware and virus. This spyware are hidden applications monitoring your activities and can feed information through the main processing center. It is also capable of system scanning, and monitoring
6. Iolo antivirus automatically scan and disinfects email messages both incoming and outgoing. And can fully provide an integrated email protection which saves time and effort from you in manually scanning the files. A very thorough and comprehensive inspection can be performed manually to remove viruses through this software and its fully integrated email protection works transparently in the background. Messages that are transmitted are automatically scanned and disinfected messages as they are transmitted and provide updates on an hourly-basis.
7. Trend Micro antispyware are efficient in faster scanning speed and serves as an active shield in sorting out of the spyware trying to invade your personal computer through its full features and well equipped programs that can detect all antivirus needs.
8. PC Tools AntiVirus is another world-leading virus protection for computers that has real time protection and has a systematic and wide-ranging ways in scanning your PC that is easy to use and navigate.

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