Monday, April 21, 2008

DSL Extreme Wake up: DSLExtreme Sucks

This is the letter I just wrote to DSL Extreme. Their customer sales support is just out to lunch. They have no idea what they are selling. Not to mention their site is not user friendly.

Here's my letter to the sales manager, we will see if they get it.
I called to get information on potentially signing up for your service. WOW what a bad experience. One guy was telling be that DSL is a shared service. Couldn't explain what the guaranteed bandwidth would be. Another guy(STEVE) was telling me that you offer 300-600megabit service. I asked him some questions and got attitude. Basically told me to go somewhere else. I told him that was not the right way to handle a potential customer. Considering that I want to sign up you just pissed me off. It's an abomination that people like that are answering the phone. I don't know what's worse. Outsourced overseas call centers or local people who don't give a shit!

Are you guys falling asleep there? Wake up!

If you want more details please feel free to email. I would love to hear an explanation.


Granted I wrote this while fuming after speaking to two people that probably have worked 12+ hours and are ready to go home. But shame on DSLExtreme for having people improperly trained to answer the phones and deal with customers.

Maybe DSL Extreme has grown too fast and maybe I just had a bad experience, but this was uncalled for.

As of today I have not heard back from DSLExtreme. I take it they really don't care. I'll take my business elsewhere. I'm sure Covad, AT&T and other would love my business.

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