Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dish Satellite TV Network


Join us at VMC Satellite DISH Network, an industry leader in providing digital broadcasting/television programming to over 13 million consumers. Today’s Satellite marketplace continues to grow with more and more people upgrading their home televisions to big screens, flat panels LCD and plasma along with high definition channels bringing the quality of picture in US homes to a level never dreamed of before. VMC has been a trusted leading online seller of DISH programming since 2000. Our relationship with DISH Network affords us priority installment for our customers and a high support level not provided to most satellite dealers.

Offer customers a FREE DISH Network Satellite System with FREE Equipment, FREE Professional Installation and great programming options all 100% All-Digital!

This is a free 4 room system with up to 4 free receivers. Offer also includes free HD and DVR upgrades!

All details can be found on our recently re-designed website – check it out.

Get Satellite TV installed FREE! Click here

DISH Network Satellite TV System!

1 Month Free!

Dish Network has the lowest price for digital TV, switch today! Pricing starts at $29.99 per month! Free installation if you call now!

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