Wednesday, April 9, 2008

AOL has announced the launch of PubAccess

AOL has announced the launch of PubAccess, a Web-based, self-serve interface for affiliates (publishers) to join the network.

I will be trying the setup and self-service.

“PubAccess combines the control and simplicity of a self-service interface with the quality and technology advantages of the network.
With network approval, PubAccess provides publishers with more control over the inventory they place within the display network by allowing them to block advertisers and categories, pull tags and view activity reports. In addition, by using PubAccess, publishers’ inventory will be optimized by’s AdLearn technology, providing greater revenue and payouts. Publishers will also benefit from Platform-A’s premium advertiser base and experienced sales force.”

PubAccess and are making their debut at ad:tech next week.
My wife will be there and I may go for a day.

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