Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Phelps Social Media Facebook


At 7:15am the number of fans: 1,264,255 fans
7:17 am 1,264,357 fans
7:22 am
1,264,586 fans
7:23am 1,264,690 fans
7:28am 1,264,925 fans
7:36am 1,265,359 fans
1:05pm 1,283,662 fans

50+ per minute! At this rate we should see over 1.3 million sometime in the next 12 hours.

And the number is growing rapidly with all the media coverage about the page.

Pretty funny about the Michael Phelps lookalike. Everyone thinks it is him. He is Steve from England/Great Britan. Look-Alike Sparks Michael Phelps Mania. Steve is also a swimmer.

They even had a card board cutout and crazy fans did not believe it wasn't him.

Phelps is so humble and changing the face of the sports.

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