Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nite on The Town Builder Recommendation Pasadena

Form David Luna from Nite on the Town, recommendation for a builder in Pasadena, CA

Hi Folks:

As I'm writing this in my upstairs home office, workers from Alpha Construction are downstairs working on our most recent home renovation. This most recent phase will have them laying new floors, redoing ceilings, adding new recessed lighting and electrical outlets and of course painting. Amid all the construction, something occured to me. Nite On The Town members are in fact a community whose restaurant buying power has been aggregated, resulting in significant savings at local restaurants. Is it possible to aggregate our buying power in other areas to reap savings - eg home renovations?

Alpha Construction (owner Baldo Coronado) has already done three projects for us over the last five years. He has updated our kitchen; redone our patio; remodeled our master suite and bathroom. We live in Orange Grove Village and were first introduced to Baldo by a neighbor.In doing our initial due dilegence we discovered that Baldo had done work for six different owners (multiple projects for some) in our complex over the previous ten years. We talked to these neighbors and saw his work. Everyone gave him glowing recommendations and the work spoke for itself. Like everyone else, our experience working with Alpha has been wonderful. Price quotes have been very fair and in every case he has done the work at or under budget. In several cases modifications were required to the existing work. Baldo returned, made the modifications to our satisfaction - at no extra charge.

Here's what I'm thinking. If any of you are considering home improvement work over the next year why not consider banding together. I've talked to Baldo Coronado and he is willing to offer very attractive savings on any multiple projects that can be coordinated into his schedules. If you would like to investigate furthur drop us an email. I'd be happy to answer any questions and anyone is welcome to pop in and inspect Alpha's work for themselves.

Best regards,
David Lunan

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Anonymous said...

hell of a recommendation. Lunan is a crook.