Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vincent Amaury van Haaff Leading Studio Designer

Watching LX-TV Open House on Channel 4 NBC, Los Angeles.

Vincent Amaury van Haaff was interviewed for a segment on home studios and Gilby Clark from Guns'N'Roses was interviewed regarding his personal home studio.

Of course these are very high end homes, but the basic principals of studio design apply.

Interesting, that yesterday I was at the GreenTech Expo and there was a company that manufactures insulation made from 85% post consumer waste, mostly jeans material, this material has been used in several noted theatres because of the insulating properties of this material.

Hothouse Studios in Santa Fe Springs has built a new studio design with the latest acoustic concepts. To see their latest studio call 562.945.1300. This will bring the total studios to five.

If you have interest in building a state of the art recording studio contact Waterland and Vincent at:
5100 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038
t :: 323.469.7754
f :: 323.469.7755

Some of the abilities of Waterland to fill your entertainment or exhibition needs.
* Waterland is available to provide at your request:
o Audio, video, and motion picture production spaces.
o Industrial furniture for entertainment production facilities.
o Museum and public space information delivery systems.
o Multi source information delivery systems.
o Multi media and tele-conference rooms.
o Interactive media spaces and home theaters.
o Mobile media production environments.

* Waterland supports the original design of the Frontwall ® System

Waterland designs and supervises construction of media oriented technical facilities, interior and exterior placements, and furniture.

Each project is viewed from many different angles. Through the careful integration of acoustical, electro-technical, structural, and ergonomic design, we provide unique solutions to each project that are as thorough as they are economical. As a result, we now have a worldwide reputation for creating commercially successful facilities that offer the finest in service and human comfort.

Simplicity of design and the advancement of technological innovation are the hallmarks of Waterland Design LLC.

Detailed audio environmental design follows a path defined by material, governmental, and electro-technical constraints, yet there is no need for creativity to suffer. We want artists, engineers, and associated designers to bring in their ideas, while Waterland acts as the navigator between the frames of regulation and the creative process. However, different projects demand different strategies. When the client knows what is needed, is on a small budget, or merely needs to expand an already successful business, we provide inexpensive and simple solutions culled from our extensive experience with larger projects.

You may consider us for your next project, whatever the size - we haven't stood still once in these last twenty years and would like to keep up our momentum with new and valuable work in this most exciting of industries.

Selected projects

The rooms we highlight are not just part of our portfolio, they are the cream of the global crop. Engineers and producers alike, once having worked in these spaces, will dread the day they are prevented from going "home" by other projects already booked in these rooms. Many Waterland spaces exist now, but the quest to find one available becomes more of a quest all the time. We are working to answer this increasing demand but be patient, Rome was not built in a day, as they say.

Conway Recording Los Angeles / This studio is regarded as one of the most successful in the world. The original remodel of a controlroom for this facility was replicated twice in this three-room complex, also famous for its lush garden setting in the middle of the overgrown urban landscape of Los Angeles. Gold and Platinum records and Grammy Award-winning albums too numerous to mention were recorded and mixed at Conway.

Woodstock Studio Karuizawa / The program called for a recording studio and overnight accomodations in the most exclusive of resorts in Japan. Woodstock Studio is named after the iconic place of the same name in upstate New York which, with its volcanically fertile botanic history, resembles the landscape surrounding this project very much. Woodstock Japan was built in cooperation with Makoto Nozawa-GETT, Bergsthaler Engineers and NEA Tokyo, with original concept design and acoustics by Waterland.

One on One West / This was originally the studio where Madonna worked and held offices. It is now an independent recording and mixdown facility equipped with the fine vintage gear it was designed to accommodate. Renowned engineer Ed Cherney once said about this room: " I've never felt so comfortable, so close to home - actually it feels like home - actually it is home..I think."

Burnish Stone Studio Tokyo / The first studio in this complex was started as an expression of love for music by two fabulously successful Japanese pop-music artists. Recognizing the phenomenal success of the studios, they decided to build four more... Burnish Stone is not only the home to these artists, Chage and Aska, but was the springboard for many artists they helped develop in the Asain market.

Village Recorder Los Angeles / Started in 1968 by the illustrious Geordie Hormel, Waterland entered the picture in 1984 to remodel one of the controlrooms. Fourteen years and four studio remodel projects later, The Village celebrated its 30th anniversary in 1998 and looks forward to another thirty years as one of the most celebrated sound recording facilities in the world.

Sony Music Studios Santa Monica / The electronics giant, having recently aquired the Columbia, Epic, and Portrait labels, needed new headquarters in the Los Angeles area. Famous modern architect Steven Ehrlich designed the buildings and Waterland designed the recording studios' interiors. One of the earliest and most successful digital remastering and archiving rooms in the United States is housed in this complex on the ground floor, as well as the recording studio and a video production stage.

La Poru Rehearsal Tokyo / This is a three story building in the heart of Tokyo designed specifically for the rehearsal of live music performance. Each floor has a stage, and the feel of the each individual space is remarkably unique and different, varying by color and materials. Of course, the isolation between floors and to the exterior was one of the great concerns of the client. Waterland, in cooperation with Wakabayashi Acoustic Contractors, met the challenge.

Capitol Records Hollywood / In 1990 Capitol Records wanted to remodel the Studio C space in order to make it viable as a single mix-down room within the facility. Even though it was a mix and overdub room in its earlier incarnation, the space had to be transformed into a surround (5.1) mixroom even before anyone had heard of such a thing as DVD. With a phenomenal trackrecord and a fantastic amount of work, Capitol Studio C is one of Waterland's proudest achievements in complex mixroom acoustics.

A&M Studios Hollywood / Every contemporary music artist of note has worked in at least one of the rooms in this vintage facility. The spaces are magnificent and the staff the best in town, if not the best in all the world. Add to this some of the finest vintage gear, and it's no surprise that music producers and engineers alike delight in being able to find a booking in this very creative environment. The fact that Charlie Chaplin and Herb Alpert (although not there at the same time or even in the same era), laid the groundwork for this honest-to-goodness Studio makes it even more appealing. The pictured DVD Mix suite equipped with a Euphonix 3000 CS is the latest of the Waterland Design updates of this facility.

Sony Music Studio New York / Sony Music needed an extension to the facility in Manhattan. Tommy LaPuma is quoted as saying:" This is damn near the greatest room I' ve ever worked in". Even if we believe his words to be somewhat of a superlative, we do believe that he is one of the greatest engineers alive and wish he would check out another Waterland Design room very soon.

One Voice Studio Tokyo / This project brought us back to the center of Tokyo again. We could not have done this work without the dedicated and professional assistance of our affiliate, Ichiro Nomura Architects Associates. Ichiro's knowledge stemming from his studies at Taliesin in the USA gave this design its originality, simplicity, and the technical excellence it deserved. The studios are two stories below ground level, and with the main contolroom only at a 10 meter distance from a subway tunnel, NAA and Waterland showed their strengths in problem-anticipation.


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