Saturday, January 5, 2008

AT&T Poor Customer Service Experience

I must say that I have not been too happy with the folks at AT&T.

Recently my wife decided to switch over to t-mobile from AT&T, to try to save some money and be on the same service as me.

Last month we received a bill for $7.95, after we closed the account. I tried to go online to pay the amount and the account was no longer active. So I called AT&T and asked them why they make it so difficult, I guess that was a dumb question.
So I asked the representative if he could credit the balance and close the account. He said he would see what he could do and within a few minutes he said it was all set. I left with a good feeling about AT&T, they tried to leave things in good standing with a customer(I am still an AT&T customer for home phone and DSL service, although not sure how much longer, based on this treatment).
So in the mail yesterday we received a bill for $1.00!!! I was shocked. So I called AT&T and asked why we received the bill, 90 cents + 10 cents tax! I said you have to be kidding, you want me to send a check for $1 and spend $.41 cents to send it?
The rep said they could accept the credit card I had used on the account. At this point I thought, you know I don't have the patience to deal with this just pay it, so i did.

Then I started thinking about it more and how the call was handled by the rep.

The fact that one rep can close the account and tell me that everything is closed and I will not be receiving any more bills. The other rep tells me that I owe money.

Here's the message to AT&T, there has to be some reasonable consideration for customers and the general public.


Anonymous said...

I have been a customer now for a little over a month and the customer service i have received as got to be the worst service I have ever in my life received no one seem to want to do anything but get you off the phone they dont want to help you with anything I'm so upset in two years i will be leaving ATT

Anonymous said...

Thats nothing! I called today about a modem that I returned and not yet been refunded for. Just wanted to see what was up. I am always very polite to customer service reps, because it has to be a horrible job! But I got a lady that called me a liar, yelled at me and said I have never even ordered the modem and hung up on me when I asked for her manager. The customer complaint line just said oopps and transfered me to somewhere else. When my contract is up, I am out of that place!

Outsource Call Center said...

In my opinion, Good customer service is necessary. I believe that treating the customer so politely makes them so comfortable and satisfied with your services. Thanks for the post!


Anonymous said...

AT&T WORST CUSTOMER SERIVE EVER. If AT&T were the last mobile phone company on the universe, I would not get a cell phone. Two months ago I entered into a contract with AT&T for mobile service. Needless to say the cell coverage did not work well in my home - per my contract I had 30 days to cancel the contract and return the phone. Six days before the 30 days were up - I cancelled the service and terminated the contract. My first bill came and I was charged for 7 days after I terminated the contract. I called billing and asked them if they could prorate the bill for me so I could pay the bill. The AT&T rep said their system could not prorate the bill at that moment but on the next filling cycle I should get an adjusted bill with the correct amount. I was instructed not to pay the bill until the adjusted one arrived. Well, when the new bill came I opened it up only to find I was charged 4 times more than the first bill. My heart was pumping so I examined the bill. AT&T charged me $400.00+ early termination fee and they did not remove the 7 days that I had previously disputed. I called immediately and asked them why they charged me an early termination fee when I cancelled the contract within the 30 day grace period. AT&T rep said they had no record I turned in the phone. I told them to call the retail store where I purchased and returned the telephone. AT&T said they would call me again. Well the called two days later and nothing had been resolved. This went on for two weeks and about 5 conversations with differnt reps who called me. I told them to stop calling me until they resolved the issue with THEIR vendor. Well three weeks passed and they never called. I assumed everything was taken care of and then one Saturday morning a collection agent calls me on behalf of AT&T. I told the collection agent the story and she did not care she was rude and aggressive with me and demanded I pay the bill or it would affect my credit. I told her I would only pay for the 23 days. She demanded for me to tell her how much I thought I owed them. I told her I owed them for 23 days but I did not know how much the final amount would be because I did not understand how they calculated the tax and other fees. She was extremely rude and we could not resolve the issue. I called AT&T within an hour and spoke to customer service, again. The lady at AT&T customer service decided it was time to open a case and told me they would call me in 4 days with an answer for me. This is been an unbelievable experience. I just don't understand why no one at AT&T will pickup the phone and call the retailer to investigate my claim that I turned in the phone. This has been the most unpleasant experience and I am tired of going round and round with these folks. If you are thinking about doing business with AT&T I would tell you do not do it - it will be a BIG MISTAKE - they have the MOST INCOMPETENT people working for them and they will send you erroneous bill and harrass you to pay them and threaten to put your account into collections.

Anthony said...

I order home internet and waited 3 months to get my own modem. They charged me for the three months that I didn't even have a modem. I didn't activate service with them until I got my own modem. I would have been impossible otherwise. I have a 12 month contract with them for my home internet service. As soon as it's over, I will go elsewhere and also take my cell phone business elsewhere. Can't wait to get away from AT&T. I would pay a little more to go elsewhere.

Bob Foster said...

I get more complaints on my blog about at&t home phone service and internet products than any other company, by far.