Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bob Dylan at Skirball Cultural Center

If you live in the Los Angeles area you need to make some time to visit the Bob Dylan Exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center.

I went this morning and an hour after opening the exhibit is packed. There are booths where you can listen to Dylan's music and watch video clips of Dylan.

The exhibit is opened until June 8 and is free on Thursday, but you have to book tickets online.

Even if you are not a Dylan fan it is worth the visit, spend an hour then be sure to check out the store for various Dylan related items, including his music as well as many books.

It would be cool to have a kiosk at the exhibit where you could burn your own cd of your favorite Dylan songs.

I have to commend Roland for a fabulous interactive section of the exhibit. Roland pieced together various guitars, keyboards, drum kits, slider organs, drum machines, to make this truly an interactive exhibit.

It would be cool to turn the speakers on and allow people to actually play for an hour or two everyday, or perhaps an outdoor area where you can play. The headphones are great though and the sound is excellent. Roland has some amazing equipment available in their lineup and this is a great showcase of their various products.

Skirball Cultural Center:

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