Tuesday, February 5, 2008

California Drivers can now act on trucks dropping rocks and other material

It's a recurring theme. Trucks driving on the roads dropping all sorts of junk, from rocks, dirt, and other material.

This morning a truck from Allied Waste was moving around 65 on the 5 North in the Glendale Burbank area and was dropping all sorts of rocks and dirt.

The truck was so dirty that you could barely read the lettering on the side. The truck number was 3004. Which is a number on the front of the truck. From the rear the truck had no license plate or it was so hidden you couldn't even see it.

The truck also had som plastic tarps covering the hole in the rear, but they were flapping all over the place, apparently loosely tied down with rope. Because things came out. The only thing I can think of is that the opening is usually covered and sealed with a metal plate, but wasn't working. Regardless this should not be allowed.

I called the company Allied Waste, they have no link or info on their website regarding how to contact them with these type of situation.

So I have dings on my hood again. Now apparently there is a number you can call in California to report these trucks.

I'm sure many of you hate it when you get on the freeway and some big ol' truck is in front of you spraying your ride with rocks, stones, etc. According to the LA Times today, now in California, we can do something, call 800-TELL CHP and report the truck, they can be held liable if your vehicle was damaged due to their load spewing out on the road. Try to get the license plate number too! It's about time

I'm going to see if I can get a call from Allied Waste in 48-72 hours. If I don't I will call this number and report the company and truck.

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