Thursday, February 14, 2008

AT&T Customer Support Experience

I must say that my experience with AT&T customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Today I called customer service 877 722.3755 after navigating through all the menus and get through to a support rep. I could not understand a word they said and they asked me what my problem was and then they repeated it incorrectly.
I then proceeded to request onshore support, at which time the representative began laughing. I asked what is so funny? And they said, "that you asked for onshore support" I said I don't think that is funny, could you please get your supervisor on the line. I was put on hold for over 10min, and nobody picked up. This person should be dealt with. AT&T please start paying more attention to customer experience and satisfaction.
So I called back and navigated through the maze and spoke to another rep, who knows where this time same poor line quality, I asked for them to transfer me to onshore support, this rep proceeded to transfer me now questions asked. Apparently what is going on is that tier one is offshore and tier 2 is onshore, but I am not certain.

The rep proceeded to test the line and confirmed that there are problems, after a few minutes she got someone from dispatch who scheduled a call for Monday.
They also went on to say that there may be a charge for wiring issues. I'm certain it is not our issue as nothing has changed on our wiring and it works most of the time until it cuts out and the modem has to be rebooted to work. Perhaps the line signal is too weak or as the rep said there is too much line noise.

Considering that that company I work for has multiple DSL lines with AT&T they should not be playing these sorts of games with us.

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