Monday, February 11, 2008

Electronic Games:

Category: Electronic Games
Description: Donkeystream – Over 2,000 Downloadable PC Games and growing
is the leading digital download retail store that allows gamers and entertainment enthusiasts to download PC games directly to their hard drives. Our games are guaranteed to be the lowest priced on the Internet when customers click on our “Save Clock” icon when purchasing a game. There are only a handful of sites offering downloadable hardcore gamer content (predicted to generate over $1 billion in revenue next year), DonkeyStream is uniquely positioned to capture one of the most difficult demographics (males between 14-45). In addition, we offer a huge selection of popular casual games to a booming market, widely played by women between ages 35-60.

We have an extensive catalog of our downloadable games. We offer over 2000 products!
We reach the most competitive and sought after demographic of males between ages 14-45!

Donkeystream – Over 2,000 Downloadable PC Games and growing

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