Thursday, August 7, 2008

DimDim News

Exciting Dimdim News


We wanted you to be the first to know that we're launching a brand new version of Dimdim.
Since we launched our first public beta in April, Dimdim has been used in 180 countries by over 500,000 people. And we've made Dimdim even better by adding over 60 new customer-requested features including:
  • Recording: You can now record your meetings and share playback URLs or embed the recording directly onto your own website just like YouTube videos.
  • Multiple Presenters: With a single click you can allow any attendee to share their presentation, whiteboard, webcam - even their desktop.
  • Mac Desktop Sharing: Mac users can share their desktop with anyone using just a browser.
  • Free Teleconferencing: While we've improved our free VoIP microphone sharing everyone now gets their own unlimited free conference call account.
  • Private Meetings: Simply assign a meeting key and only those who know both your meeting room name and your meeting key will be able to join.
  • No Install: Now you don't need to install anything to join or even host a meeting. You'll only need to install our screencasting plug-in if you choose to share your desktop.
Best of all, you do not need to do anything to get these new features as all Dimdim accounts have already been upgraded. Just sign in to use Dimdim 4.0 today.

Take some credit for helping us make Dimdim even better: tell your friends to sign up for the new Dimdim and let them know these new features were your idea. We'll vouch for you.
Help us by telling everyone that the easy, open, and affordable web meeting is now even better at And breathe easy knowing that Dimdim users have saved millions of dollars and thousands of tons of CO2 by meeting virtually instead of commuting. Thank you for helping make Dimdim - and the world - better.

Steve Chazin
Chief Marketing Officer


Dimdim. Now the world can meet freely.

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