Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ElephantDrive Backup Solution

Elephant Drive- Backup Storage and Anywhere Access

Forget about manually backing up files - ElephantDrive does it automatically

Never run out of hard drive space – ElephantDrive provides unlimited storage.

Files won’t be forgotten or left behind - ElephantDrive lets you access and share them from anywhere.
Tips from the big elephant:
• A Plan For Every Customer
• How ElephantDrive Compares
• The ElephantDrive Blog

Consumers – ElephantDrive has achieved high appeal among general consumers through its offer of home-use plans starting at just $4.95. Home-users love it for both affordable file security and for the convenience of having anywhere access to all of their photos, mp3s and important documents.

Businesses – ElephantDrive delivers an effective way to backup and store files for a whole team. Providing easy access to files increases team efficiency and eliminates the risk of important files being lost. Also, the file sharing feature for workgroups is a great asset for small companies and international companies who often deal with remote clients and satellite offices.

International – ElephantDrive can be purchased and used by anyone around the world. The ElephantDrive interface is presently only available in English, but provides the same great functionality no matter where you are. For targeting, it’s best to focus on countries with a strong economy and a high percentage of English speakers.
How ElephantDrive Compares
ElephantDrive vs External Hard Drives: As studied by PC World, hard drives are notoriously unreliable and in some cases can even cause files to get wiped out. According to a Carnegie Mellon study, “typical annual replacement rates of between 2% and 4%, and up to 13% observed on some systems." In contrast, ElephantDrive delivers guaranteed safety for your files with unlimited storage space. Also, using ElephantDrive eliminates this risk of a damaged or lost external hard drive. The panic of “where is my ___” or “argh… I hope it’s not broken” is replaced with easy, anywhere access.

ElephantDrive vs. Online Competitors: There are many online data storage solutions that also avoid the un-reliability problem of external hard drives. However, most are only for set and forget backup or they are only for remote file access – not for both. ElephantDrive delivers better value by giving users automatic backup AND online storage PLUS anywhere access with file sharing.
The ElephantDrive Blog

Here’s an example of a testimonial quoted from the Elephant Drive blog:

“After insisting that the device should work, a Staples employee finally gave in and recommended I try at Maxtor hard drive. So I took it home, it didn’t work, and smoke blew out of both ears. I went back to Staples, kindly asked for a refund, and decided that external hard drives were not for me. As we speak my data is being backed up by ElephantDrive, and I hardly miss the kind people at Staples.”

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Elephant Drive- Backup Storage and Anywhere Access

ElephantDrive is a simple, secure, and powerful online backup and storage service. Here is how it works:
First - Create an Account

You begin to use ElephantDrive online backup and storage first by creating your ElephantDrive account
Second - Download the ElephantDesktop

Once you've created your account, download the easy-to-install ElephantDesktop.
Third - Access and Manage Your Data

You can use the ElephantDesktop to quickly, easily, and securely upload or backup your files and folders.

Your uploaded files are protected by strong encryption and stored in hardened, professionally managed datacenters with state of the art security and environmental protections. You can access your files from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Learn more about our security policies and practices!

Learn more about the pricing and features of Home users!

Learn more about the pricing and features of Business Users!

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