Monday, August 11, 2008

Gmail Down hard

Looks like many people are experiencing troubles with their gmail accounts.

This is a screens hot of the message we are seeing this afternoon around 2:15pm on August 11, 2008.

Although this is very disturbing, we have to remember that this Google product GMAIL is "BETA" and that usually means prepare to have some issues.

Could this error be due to a major upgrade? Did a data center go down? With the thousands and thousands of servers Google uses, this type of outage has to be affecting hundreds of thousands of email accounts.

More details to follow.

This is the first news to come through on Google News over at Search Engine Land by Bary Schwartz regarding the outage on gmail.

Reports are coming in that users can access using an alternate link as well.

3:15pm over an hour gmail has been down.

3:22pm Gmail still down. One comment on Techcrunch noted the copyright date of 2005. Not sure of the significance but worth a mention.

Could this be an attack on Google DNS, there are many theories circulating right now.

3:30pm Some users are back up, still down for many including myself.

3:45 PM gmail is back up. Thanks Google!

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