Monday, August 4, 2008

KCRW Worldwide

Introducing... KCRW Worldwide

Hi Friends,

I want to let you know about the newest feature: it's called KCRW Worldwide and it pulls feeds from KCRW Flickr groups and Twitter. These feeds (posts and short text messages) are inserted on a Googlemap depicting where KCRW listeners are across the globe and what sorts of things they’re up to. The page refreshes every 5 seconds and the map moves as well. It's cool to watch the map come alive with pics and messages. Check it out. Our web team is uploading pictures from KCRW events, guests and live performances too.

KCRW is the first site of its kind to have a feature like this. Why? Why not?! It's fun and it's a new way to connect with other KCRW listeners.

You can create a Twitter account for yourself or join the KCRW Flickr group if you like to begin posting. Just go to the page and click on the Learn More link.


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