Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pasadena Weekly Advertisers - Adult Services Stop!

This is blog post is directed mainly to Kevin Uhrich(PW Editor) and Jon Guynn(PW Publisher):

Why is it that so many community newspapers have large sections of advertising dedicated to call girls, escort services, massage parlors, and various other adult services.

The Pasadena Weekly is one of those newspapers, is the Pasadena Weekly condoning this behavior by carrying the ads? One could argue yes, that by the very fact that they accept these ads, they are in fact supporting this activity. Many newspapers refuse advertising from adult type services. It seems the that greed has gotten the better of PW. I strongly believe that because of this other local newspapers/magazines are making it, in a time when newspaper revenues are declining.

There is a trend in Pasadena to get the message accross. If you want the advertising dollars of "respectable" businesses then refuse the advertising from these adult services. Let someone else take the ads or they will go out of business. Stand up for what is right for the community Pasadena Weekly. You should be ashamed of your self for stooping so low.

If you share my view, they do something about it and write to the editor and publisher at the PW.

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