Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Cell Phone Shop

Cell Phone Shop - 80% off

What is the Cell Phone Shop?
The Cell Phone Shop has a great selection of low cost cell phone accessories. We carry PDA cases, headsets, chargers, and cases for all the major carriers and models. We offer up to an 80% discount on retail prices on our accessories compatible with: iPhone, Blackberry, Motorola RAZR, TMobile Sidekick, Palm Treo, LG Chocolat. We also offer digital camera batteries and memory cards at an unbeatable price. We guarantee our customers the lowest price on the Internet. In addition to matching the lowest price from the web, we will deduct an extra 10% from your order on the original price discrepancy. Most of our affiliates enjoy a very high sales conversion rate because of the low prices. Free shipping coupon is available for our affiliates to promote our products.

Save 13% with coupon code: CPRSEP08. Mini Purchase: $15.00. Ends Oct 15, 2008

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