Monday, October 27, 2008


Thank you for your interest in promoting Shoeboxed. Here is some information about Shoeboxed and our customers that may help you as you prepare your pages or search campaigns:

Shoeboxed is the best online platform for organizing receipts and business cards. Customers mail us receipts and business cards, which we scan and upload into a secure online account on

Receipts are automatically tagged into 15 common tax categories, and may also be grouped by store name, date, or total. Users can also define custom categories like "Trip to Affiliate Summit" and fill them with whatever receipts they want. Receipts can be exported to Excel, Quicken, CSV and PDF formats.

After we scan a user's business cards, the contact information as well as the scanned card are available on Users can easily import contacts to Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, LinkedIn and other sites and applications.

Most of our customers are business people:
• Small business owners use Shoeboxed to simplify their bookkeeping and accounting. Shoeboxed meets Internal Revenue Service requirements for electronic storage of receipts.
• People working for larger companies, especially frequent business travelers, use Shoeboxed to save time producing expense reports.
• Some companies use the service simply for archival purposes, as an alternative to paper warehousing. Shoeboxed provides a secure digital backup that is easier and safer than holding paper originals, and Shoeboxed scanned receipts are accepted by the IRS.
• Business Card scanning and contact export helps anyone in business keep track of relationships without spending hours at the keyboard entering names and numbers.

Shoeboxed is a competitor to NeatReceipts, CardScan, Fujitsu, and similar companies. You will find the most success advertising Shoeboxed receipt and business card services on sites that discuss finance, taxes, accounting, business, entrepreneurship, organization, office technology, professional networking, and related topics.

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