Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nathan Madsen: Composer-Sound Designer

Hey guys,

I'm a professional composer and sound designer with three years in the industry, experience on over 135 projects including work on the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, PC video games, websites, anime, DVDs, commercials and more. On top of music and sound design production, voice acting production and direction are also something I have experience with. I would love to help out with any audio needs you may have! My website,, has 37 listening and 21 video samples. I also have quotes from happy clients, my credit list and contact info posted there. I do have many more examples of my work, which can be shared on a non-public manner. Depending on your time frame, I could provide top quality work at decent rates.

Programs I can work with include:

ProTools 7.4 LE
Sonar Producer 7
Project 5.2
Sound Forge 8 Pro
Digital Performer 5
Logic 8 Pro
Cool Edit Pro 2
Reason 4
Finale 2006
Various VSTi plugins

Thanks and I hope to speak with you soon!


Nathan Madsen
Composer-Sound Designer

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