Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Masquerade Mindshare / Oct 16th, 8pm

Subject: A Masquerade Mindshare / Oct 16th, 8pm - more details...

Hello friends!

Business first: we're looking for one more bartender and one more take down volunteer for tomorrow... Free ticket of course ;) Let me know...

Pleasure second: we're gearing up for an out of control Mindshare this month, a lot of potential plans have actually come together to make tomorrow an unparalleled experience! If you have's been yet - it might be time to take the plunge and see why Mindshare is one of the most talked about events in LA!


HIGHLIGHTS (besides the open bar ;):
- this month it's MASQUERADE so wear a costume!
- MURDER! the name badge mystery!
- diverse and rapid fire presentations + videos
- motion and neuro activated tech installations
- games from uWink interactive restaurant
- live musical acts + hilarious attendee prizes
- a SURPRISE finale with fire + tricks + costumes - OH MY!


Best regards and hope to see you tomorrow,

- The Mindshare Team

PS - this is our last month outside, it won't be too cold but bring appropriate clothes...

A message to all members of The Mindshare Network

Sorry for the extra email but we forgot to mention - if you can't make it to Mindshare tomorrow, the event will be streamed LIVE thanks to TechZulu at:

The proceedings should start at 9pm, but we're normally a little 'stylishly late' ;)

- The Mindshare Team

PS - Yes the rumors are true, we just confirmed a real Tarot card reading gypsy!

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