Monday, May 19, 2008

converting files from .odt to .doc will convert just about any format to any other for free.

thanks chuck, i've been looking for something like this for ages! it failed to convert my .odt (openoffice) file to .doc (MS word XP), but then i tried pdf and that's fine. :)

02 Apr 2008, 06:21 AM
Fastest way to do it if you do not have OpenOffice is to open an account with google. (ex. your gmail account)

You can upload the ODT document into "Google Docs" and then download it back as a Word DOC.

Google docs requires little downloading, as it opens in your web browser.



Anonymous said...

this post was so very helpful to me.

thank you,

Anonymous said...

Hei, thanks so much for the's easily use.

Really appreciated!

Bob said...

Google Docs to the rescue. Thanks for the help