Saturday, May 17, 2008

t-mobile horrible service

I have had t-mobile now for a couple years and have been frustrated by their bad service and horrible customer service.

The latest issue where t-mobile customer service told me that the reason I was having bad service was that my phone needed to be replaced. So I paid the money and waited for the replacement. The replacement made no difference.

Then the customer service people- tech support people tell me I can manually switch to another network, in my case Cingular(AT&T) because they have a "relationship" I was told this by two different reps. Then tonight I ask again because the area I am in at the Malibu Country Club in Malibu everyone with AT&t has service. I again have no service, so I try to manually switch to Cingular and it is available but after four attempts it continued to fail. So I call customer service, the first rep tells me that it should work and that he will transfer me to tech support, I get the tech support guy on the phone and he tells me it doesn't work. I lost my mind, t-mobile must not understand what this does to customer satisfaction. I would rate t-mobile as an F right now with they way they have handled their service.

My wife's service with her t-mobile Curve is just as bad and the phone has issues.

My cousin who had t-mobile for a couple years was so happy to switch to Verizon. His phone service is great wherever he goes! Perhaps I should have listened and made the switch when my contract was up for renewal.

Sprint and Verizon and even AT&T all have much better service than t-mobile. Who knows even some of the other providers, like the new ones coming up MetroPCS have better service.

Perhaps if I switch to Sprint and just call forward the number. When does t-mobile just say ok. You are not a happy customer and we will let you go.

More to follow.

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