Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TuneUp Media

TuneUp Media would like to reward you for signing up early for TuneUp’s release by giving you a complimentary copy of the TuneUp Companion for the PC. The TuneUp Companion is still in beta. As such, it still has bugs and performance issues. Pay special attention to the release notes!

The "TuneUp Companion" plugs into iTunes and fixes your mislabeled track information. It does this by taking the "audio fingerprint" of a song, looking it up online and filling in the missing information all automatically. It also finds your missing cover-art and continues to make iTunes even better. It then scans your collection and lets you know when your favorite artists are performing. Furthermore, when you listen to music, TuneUp presents you with YouTube videos, cool merchandise and websites for the bands in your collection, again, all automatically.

I'm inviting you to our Private Beta test of Tuneup for Windows (yes, PC only at the moment, Mac version will be released soon). Beta testers will automatically be upgraded to a free copy of TuneUp


1. Download and install the Tuneup – NOTE: when you register the software, you MUST use the email address to which this invitation was sent. Also, you MUST have iTunes installed.


2. Support: Sign up at the Tuneup forum. This will guarantee you can leave us feedback, get immediate tech support or request new features.

Sign up at: http://www.tuneupmedia.com/forum/register.php

Also, if you have technical issues not addressed at the forum, send an email to support@tuneupmedia.com

3. Also, I’d appreciate if you’d fill out the following 20-question survey:


Finally, below are some important notes to keep in mind (please read!!))

- Upon first launch after install, TuneUp may not dock properly to iTunes making it very hard to use. If this happens, close Tuneup (right-click on the TuneUp icon in the systray) and then re-launch TuneUp and it should dock correctly.

- First time iTunes users - if you are installing iTunes for the first time, be sure to import your collection and let iTunes runs its initial analysis (where it looks for cover art and song gaps) before installing TuneUp.

- The "Clean" function is slow and can't handle huge song loads. Throughout the Beta we will optimize this, and send you new versions of the software so you can clean more files at a time. We suggest for this version you clean 50-60 songs at a time.

- Although we try our best, we can’t identify every song out there…therefore, we suggest you carefully review the Clean results before hitting the Save or Save All buttons!!

- More Known Issues are at detailed at http://www.tuneupmedia.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=5

All the Best,

The TuneUp Team

1 comment:

razazaidi said...

Hey, Victor:

Note that only people TuneUp "whitelists" can get register the application...So these links you've posted will just frustrate users because their email addresses aren't whitelisted.

Users can sign up at the main site:

http://www.tuneupmedia.com for the beta...we will be giving away a few more complimentary copies to beta testers...though, at this point, I can't guarantee that they'll make the cut.

Regard, Raza (CTO/COO of Tuneup Media)