Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Introducing Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft adCenter
Dear Victor,

We have three announcements to share with you about Microsoft adCenter and Live Search. Learn more about Microsoft Advertising, Live Search shoppers, and Live Search cashback on our Microsoft Advertising website.

Introducing Microsoft Advertising MS Advertising
The communications you receive from Microsoft adCenter now have a new look! Microsoft Advertising, our new business-to-business brand, unites the power of MSN and Live Search with advanced platform technologies such as adCenter, Atlas, and DrivePM. What's in it for you? Actionable insight into your campaigns, more ways to drive advertising and media performance, and comprehensive expertise—all aligned to help you respond to a constantly changing marketplace.

Focus on Live Search shoppers Live Search
We've recently enhanced Live Search to add more ways for shoppers to research the products and services you offer them. How? Visit to try our new features—product searches, instant answers, consumer reviews, and product guides—all designed to deliver a stronger consumer shopping experience.

Advertiser program: Live Search cashback
The way searchers shop online is about to
change! Our new Live Search cashbackLive Search
program combines the power of Live Search
with the versatility of a comparison-
shopping engine to bring consumers some of the best deals on the Web. Searchers will be rewarded with a rebate when they purchase products through Live Search cashback. If you are a retailer or online merchant and want to learn more about how to qualify to participate, please visit our Microsoft Advertising website.

We hope you'll want to take advantage of these innovations from Microsoft Advertising and Live Search. If you have any questions about these announcements or about your adCenter account, contact an adCenter Customer Service Representative by e-mail, or phone us at (800) 518-5689, seven days a week, from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

Thank you for using adCenter.


The Microsoft adCenter Team

Microsoft Digital Advertising SolutionsMicrosoft

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