Wednesday, July 16, 2008


GoldStar is a great service. They provide discounts to events and notify you of events in your area.

Try them out if you haven't already signed up. This is an email I just received.g

Dear Goldstar Member,

Summer is here and the Goldstar website is full of great things to do outdoors. If you haven't noticed, take a look.

And since outdoor events are twice as much fun when you experience them with a friend, we thought you'd enjoy telling some people about Goldstar for the chance to win two tickets to anything on our site. You'll also automatically get double the service fee credit for referrals ($2 instead of usual $1).

If that sounds appealing, and you know people that would like to go out to live entertainment more often, here's what you do:

  • Click 'forward' on this email, and then delete all the stuff above the line.
  • Then, send this message to people you know that would be interested in seeing more live events.
  • For each person who signs up using the link in this email by July 29th, you'll get a $2 credit and an entry in the contest (see the contest rules for more details).

Goold luck and thanks for being a Goldstar member.

Jim McCarthy
CEO, Goldstar

By the way, some of you might have trouble forwarding the message properly because of your email program. If that's the case, just write your own custom email and be sure to include this link:

Great Nights Out for about the Price of a Movie

You've heard that you can tell a lot about people by their friends? We believe it, and so we asked your friend to introduce us.

If you like live entertainment but settle for a movie or DVD more often than you'd like, you might be interested in joining Goldstar.

Tell us what kinds of live entertainment you like and the areas where you live, work and play, and we'll deliver dozens (or even hundreds) of half-price offers to comedy, music, theatre, sports, spas and more.

It doesn't cost anything to sign up, and you can do it in just a few seconds. You'll be getting out to great live entertainment and having a good time with friends and family right away.

Join Goldstar

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