Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mia lee

what is up with the kcal channel anchors, they all look like they have had some work done, Mia Lee, looks like a major boob job


Steve said...

Oh My God, she's a freak! She looks like a living wax figure...no that's a discredit to the Hollywood wax museum. I've never seen some make themselves look so horrible. She should seriously consider suing her plastic surgeon...how they let her continue on air is beyond me. They are probably afraid of the lawsuit she'll slap on them for firing her because she's now an ugly freak! I'm sorry to say it, but it's true!

Anonymous said...


I couldn't disagree with you more! 90% of the women appearing on t.v. (at least)have had breast implants, face lifts,all with wigs, make-up, false eyelashes, etc. Women have been trying to improve their images since the time of Cleopatra. So what? If it makes them look better, more power to them.
I drool over Mia when I see her on the news on KCal9 t.v. You have to be, well, sick to call her ugly. Check some of her photos on various websites as well as tv.
My only criticism is that she is just a little on the thin side. She needs just a bit more weight to fill out her already beautiful form in my estimation. You "purists" are from another planet it seems.


Edgar said...


If it helps to make one look better then it's up to the individual I say. But to say Mia's face is other than very strange looking is beyond me. I saw her years ago when she was a very fit woman with a beautiful face but now the body is still there but the face looks like a very good job to a burn victim.

Sue the people who did this?... yes. But let us all take a little bit of blame for pushing women into doing this to themselves. When we, in general, judge people by the way they look we are part of the problem.

Martin Gonzalez said...

I 'm Agree With Mr.Victor Caballero...I though i was the only one who notice the big difference on her face....She used to have a nice natural pretty face and suddenly one day I saw her lips were different...and everything started changing,,,now she looks like a different person...sorry but something when wrong there....why Mia why??/you were Ok..now is all downhill