Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Activities

This morning I played golf with my cousin Fernando Caballero at Arroyou Seco. There was a 30 minute wait to get on, once we started we moved along pretty good, took about 2.5 hours to play.

I had one birdie and the rest bogies or pars and a couple double bogies.

After playing golf we wanted to get some breakfast, so we went over to Marstons. It was packed, there must have been 30+ people waiting. Funny because an hour before I called and they told me the wait was about 20min, they must have been slammed.

So we decided to go to Glendale and have breakfast at Shaker's. Pretty good place, except there was a dead pigeon in the parking lot.

After we ate breakfast Fernando dropped me back at my car in Pasadena. Then I took a walk to the Paseo and walked around and stopped in at the DeVine Wine, Pasadena Wine Cellar. They are having a sale this weekend. $10 /bottle any wine. So I bought three bottles. A Chard, Blanc, and Merlot.

Jennifer Caballero is now back from her trip to Monterey where she had her high school reunion. Seems like they had a good time.

I'll be posting pictures online I'm sure. Stay tunned.

Tonight we are getting together with Kerry Bradley for dinner, most likely going to Margarita Jones in Pasadena.

More to follow

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