Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sprint shows a better side: customer care dept

You know the other day I had a bad experience with Sprint, so now I am thinking so what if I can't get them to create an account for me online that links to my account. I'll just pay my bill the old fashion way....oh man. That's another story.

Anyway, today I had a good call with a tech person from Sprint. Justin was very cordial and gave me some suggestions for dealing with some troubles I am having with email.

Basically when I delete an email from my handheld and then waiting for the next check for email, as I am using pop, the deleted emails sometimes reappears not just once but many times over. So Justin at Sprint suggested I try a few things.

Here's the email I received earlier today.

Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you
regarding your account.

Per our conversation on 7/16/2008, please follow the directions below to
delete the cookies and clear the cache on your handset device:

1. Tap Start.

2. Tap Internet Explorer.

3. Tap Menu button.

4. Tap Tools.

5. Tap Options.

6. Tap Memory tab and push Delete Files button.

7. Tap Security tab.

8. Tap Clear Cookies button.

Once you have successfully deleted the cookies and cleared the cache,
please follow the directions below to power cycle your handset device:

1. Turn the handset device off.
2. Remove the battery from the handset device for one minute.
3. Install the battery on the handset device.
4. Turn handset device on.

If you need any further assistance with your account, please reply back
to this e-mail.

Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

Justin S.

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