Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hey victor,

We're about 5 days into the launch of our new Photomake service and it's been absolutely phenomenal.

If you haven't seen what it's all about, there's more info here.

And here's some examples of what people made within the first 24 hours - with a new opportunity to comment at the bottom.

But we're a bit conflicted ...

First of all, we're ecstatic about our biggest traffic day EVER - thousands of people realized they haven't made stuff before because it's so damned difficult and expensive!

We're also very happy because they chose Ponoko to turn their ideas into real life things mostly with Photomake - along with our Designmake and Ponoko ID services too.

But at the same time we're concerned because we got all excited in the Photomake launch, and we lost count! We've been dishing out an insane shipping deal - and we forgot we had limited it to just 100 orders.

So that's where we're a little stuck ... we want to help as MANY people as possible who are struggling with these same issues, so we don't want to stop this, but we have to be able to pay the shipping company!

So we've had a chat about it here and unfortunately this means the launch deal has to come to an end ... at midnight Eastern tonight.

We're not offering this again, so if you want to take advantage of this launch deal you might want to get a rustle on because it won't be available for much longer.

And not because we don't want to!!

So if you're thinking, "It's okay - I'll get this launch deal later", that's probably not the best idea you've had today. We definitely have some price changes coming, but they won't be quite like this.

So to find out what all the fuss is about you'll want to grab your launch deal now.


Dave, Derek, Dan and John

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