Sunday, July 6, 2008

Camp 18 Restaurant - seaside oregon

Today we went to Camp 18 Restaurant in Seaside, Oregon.

Home of the old time logging museum.

Gordon and Roberta Smith - owners


Sunset Highway U.S. at milepost 18

42362 Hwy 26
Seaside, OR 97138
(I believe the town is actually Elsie)

Restaurant 503-755-1818
Gift Shop - 503-755-2476
Fax - 503-755-2815

Initial review; after a 10 minute wait we got seated. The service was very slow. The food, well it left something to be desired. The burger was basically 2 patties put together on a big roll of bread, way more bread than you need for a burger, the bottom of the burger was super greasy and soaked by the time it got the table.

Burgers are not a strong point of Camp 18 restaurant.

From the looks at other tables, it appeared that various other dishes had issues as well.

The items around the grounds are interesting, to some it could be considered a bunch of old junk to others artifacts of a bygone era. The workers of the lumber industries endured grulling conditions inn the early days.

Today with all the modern machinery, acres of forest can be cleared in the blink of an eye, as can be seen along highway 26 en route to Camp 18.

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