Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Columbia River Coffee Roaster Grand Opening

This past weekend on July 5, 2008 was the grand opening party for the Columbia River Coffee Roasters in Astoria Oregon.

There was music and samples and the crowds showed up. At times there was standing room only.

Jon, one of the roasters, was kind enough to show me around the new store. The roasters are state of the art, this is a serious operation, able to take green beans and roast them within 20 minutes.

The machines are very loud when they are running.

The staff at CRCR are great. I had a chance to speak with Nancy who shared chocolate samples that the sell at the store.

They try to sell items that are local which is great. Of course the coffee is imported from all over the world.

I drove by on Sunday and the store looked pretty busy. Apparently on Mondays the store is closed.

I'll have some pictures to post later.

Thanks to Jon and the staff for putting on a great grand opening.

Here's the video with Jon.

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