Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Avocado Scalable Cloud Hosting Solutions

Quality multiple domain and reseller web hosting

Be in the hands of a recognized leader in professional hosting that offers unparalled service, support and reliability at amazing prices - and 100% carbon-neutral too!

We have everything site owners want and web development professionals need:

- unlimited domain support
- unlimited mySOL databases
- unlimited IMAP/POP mailboxes
- reseller and sub-account capable
- automated software installers
- zero downtime network
- dynamic scalability with load

.. all at no extra cost; and that's just scratching the surface!

Good Avocado Scalable Cloud Hosting Solutions

The Good Avocado - Professional Eco-Hosting Company

Hosting for web professionals that's as good as it gets.

In a world where hosting promises are often unmatched by performance, Good Avocado is not just good, but incredible. Any way you slice it, we give you exactly what you need so you can provide your clients with exactly what they need.

We're ripe with opportunities for web professionals who want to grow their business with our cutting-edge technology, without the grief that often goes with it.

With Good Avocado, our way is your way

Host all your sites in one single account. Use our total invisibility and resell our services to build your own brand. Refer your clients to us and earn generous commissions. However you want to do it, that's how we'll do it. We not only have exactly what you want, we have exactly what you need. Unparalleled service. Complete reliability. Total control. Customized services.

From good to great.

How do we know Good Avocado will deliver greatness to you? Because we were highly skilled web consultants ourselves and have been where you are time after time. We built our company to be the company we wished for time after time -- a company that delivers unrivaled reliability all the time through scalable cluster solutions, not unending talk and excuses. For almost ten years, our team of hand-picked, time-tested, seen-it-all engineers have been delivering professional grade eco-friendly hosting solutions with unparalleled service and support.

The walk, not just the talk

Good Avocado knows that when you need a solution you don't need it soon, you need it now. Your clients don't want a tap dance from you and you'll never get one from us. When you have to reach us you'll be in direct contact with the people who manage your service. Not phone time and hold time but highly trained support technicians who are able to resolve most questions immediately with immediate direct access to our server engineers. You need results not excuses, and we back that up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied? Don't pay.

Uptime, all the time

Our AvocadoFarm cluster technology lets you have customized, highly scalable solutions that work for you, because they're designed around you, whatever the size, shape and needs of your site. Because we are able to scale according to traffic and load variances we are able to ensure that your clients' sites will be accessible at all time. Good Avocado has developed technology that breaks the bottlenecks plaguing normal hosting solutions. When traffic ramps up, we spread it along many physical servers so we can ensure consistently sharp load times and take the load off your mind.

At Good Avocado, good enough is never good enough

Only one thing matter when it's your business that's on the line. Getting it right every time. Our own in-house accounts and server Control Center software lets us offer you a unique level of control. So you have a unique level of control over your hosting accounts, whether you choose to host your own site with a single account or to resell our services under your own brand name. You make the call, simply decide if you'll handle support and billing yourself and what level of control you want to have. Either way we're good. And so are you.

We're truly as green as our name

We believe your needs can be balanced with the needs of our planet. Sustainability is our way of life and not just a slogan. We are 100% carbon-neutral so our footprint is small. To ensure that we take out commitment one step further we are helping to offset and curb global warming emissions by planting a tree for every account we establish. It's all good at Good Avocado.

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