Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nintendo Wii Music show off

Nintendo has shown the Wii Music at E3.

SFGATE has more details:

Nintendo kicked of the second day of E3 by playing up its success and introducing some new games and peripherals that they hope will keep their juggernaut going. Wii Music, which comes out by the holidays, fits into their all-play idea by making music easy for everyone.

Unlike other music games where you essentially compete, this is a music game designed to just give people the sensation of music with not a lot of work.

You can play about 60 instruments from drums, guitar, wind instruments and piano. All you do is just move your hands as if you're playing and the game does the rest. It seemed like it could be fun for kids but not sure how much appeal there will be for older people. The coolest thing was seeing how you could play a full drum set by using the controllers and Wii Balance Board for the kick drum and high hat. That actually looked fun but you'll need the whole set to enjoy that.

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