Sunday, July 6, 2008

Things to do in Astoria, Oregon

Things to do in and around Astoria, Oregon. Along the Columbia River near the border with Washington.

1. Explore the fort and canoe launching area at Fort Clatsop.
2. Explore and climb the emplacements and bunkers at Fort Stevens.
3. Rent paddle boats on quiet Coffenbury Lake at Fort Stevens
4. Plan on the beach at Trestle Bay at the end of the South Jetty Road
5. Enjoy the pool and bicycle rentails at the KOA campground
6. Swim at the Astoria Aquatics Center on Marine Drive.
7. Ride Astoria's waterfront trolley
8. Take a boat ride on the Columbia River
9. Hike through the woods to the Astoria Column
10. Go fly a kite on the beach
11. Visit the Jewell Elk Reserve
12. Visit the Seaside Aquarium
13. Visit the Maritime Museum and board the Columbia light ship

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