Friday, July 11, 2008

Xooro Fritters Shop Opens with the best churros

From Daily Candy: I love a good churro!

July 11, 2008
Spanish Fry
Xooro Fritters Shop Opens

fry baby!

No matter what people say, you can’t keep a good fried food down.

Championing the churro, Xooro (pronounced “sure-oh”) is elevating the traditional Spanish fritter to a new level of gourmet glory.

Inside the modern, all-white snack joint in Santa Monica, the tasty fried dough sticks are made to order from scratch in a loco assortment of batters with an equally loco assortment of fillings. Get a sugar rush from chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry, and hazelnut sweets or make an out-the-door snack of soon-to-be-added savory flavors like spicy Mexican, salmon, or onion.

Wash it all down with a coffee drink or one of the four different kinds of hot chocolate topped with homemade whipped cream.

Think it will catch on?

Like, for Xooro.

Xooro, 125 Broadway, between Second Street and Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica (310-260-2919 or
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Anonymous said...

I went today for churros, amazing!!! Is the best idea ever!!! We saw the story in daily candy today.
I love it
When I was there also was Ashley Tisdale, she's so pretty! I ask for an autograph and a picture outside xooro.

Anonymous said...

Save your money and go somewhere else. The churro is hard, dry, cold, and way too sweet. Not worth the calories. I will agree the concept and the packaging is unique, however the execution is completely wrong. You are better off trying something different.

Marni said...

i went last night and i absolutely loved the churros. in my blog review of Xooro, i have photos showing the insides of the churros. that peanut butter chocolate one is incredible. dulce de leche filling is great too. Even the Mexican hot chocolate drink is delicious.