Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Atomkeep Launches Social Profile Synchronizer

From SoCalTech:

Atomkeep Launches Social Profile Synchronizer
Los Angeles-based Atomkeep has launched a new service which allows users to synchronize their profiles between major social networking web sites.
Atomkeep said that its service synchronizes between LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster, Flickr, Twitter, Jobster, Blogger, Yelp, Slide, JOBcentral, and Mixergy. The free, Web 2.0-style service, which is in beta, allows users to modify profile information, such as name, address, and other fields, and have those updates show up in all of its supported social networking and other web sites.

We recently had a major release! We welcome Twitter, Jobster, Blogger, Yelp, Slide, JOBcentral and Mixergy in the list of our supported systems. Take a minute and register with us. The registration is FREE and may save you a lot of time later.
We are very thankful for our early adopters for using Atomkeep and allowing us make your life easier. Every single feedback is highly appreciated. We are not perfect yet and can have some bugs, but we are trying to be the best for our users, that's why it's very important to know what we can do for you and how do you want to get more from us. Don't hesitate to drop us a line and we'll do our best to fulfill your needs. Thank you!

Atomkeep is here to solve the problem of information redundancy. Atomkeep will keep your accounts in sync on all social networks, job boards and other sites.

Are you a social network fan?
Are you looking for a new or better job?
Are you a professional...
We'll make sure that your profiles are up to date everywhere with one click of a button. We'll make sure that your resume is recent on all job boards that you are signed into. with contacts listed on the numerous boards? We'll make sure that your potential clients will always get your actual contacts and will find you easily.

Sounds interesting? Join us! It's FREE and takes less than a minute.

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