Thursday, September 18, 2008
Oddpost Co-Founder Launches Bandcamp, Publishing Platform for MusiciansPosted
Sep 16, 2008 (Updated Sep 17, 2008)

Ethan Diamond, co-founder of the pioneering webmail service that became
Yahoo! Mail, today lifted the veil on his new startup and gave me an
exclusive first look.

is a free hosted publishing platform for
musicians, taking the technical challenge out of setting up a site —
transcoding music into different formats, streaming audio, analytics,
payment processing, and so on.

Band websites are often pretty bad, hacked together by a friend of the band
with Flash and Dreamweaver, or worse, by the record label. There are
exceptions, but mostly, it's a sea of Flash intros, popup windows, mystery
navigation, and 30-second sound clips.

Bandcamp is trying to change that, giving every album and track its own page
with clean URLs and semantic markup, with the accompanying SEO benefits.
Even before launch, they're topping Google
many searches for song titles of participating bands.

As an infoviz geek, I'm particular fond of their analytics and audio
visualizations.Detailed stats let
bands track recent activity on their songs and albums, including where
people are coming from, trend tracking, and which songs were skipped, played
partially, or played in full. A number of real-time audio visualizations in
Flash are available on each song's
which can be shared and embedded on other websites.

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