Thursday, September 18, 2008

tmobile call forwarding, bad customer service

I've just spent the last hour on the phone with tmobile customer service.

Apparently they have implemented something called conditional and unconditional call forwarding. Some plans include conditional forwarding minutes.

If you do forward always, this is considered unconditional and you are CHARGED for the minutes of the call.

When trying to set the forwarding you will get unable to process the request. Apparently this is something t-mobile is aware of.

I just got charged for over 90 minutes of usage because I didn't set conditional forwarding. This is absurd.

The customer care at tmobile is really bad, they need to go through a retraining program. You can barely understand what they are saying, they are always distracted.

Basically they will give me bonus minutes but they will not.

Speaking to rep Eric 0854882. Who was rude and has a horrible headset.

How tmobile can be rated as having the best service by jd powers and associates is beyond me.

tmobile also claims to have the best service around in terms of lowest dropped calls. I have not found this to be the case.

Warren C. - 1049462


Anonymous said...

If you think t-mobile has bad customer service, you must be unaware of how horribly bad it can be in the telecom industry. Try sprint for starts, they're absolutely terrible.
In my experience, t-mobile has great customer service, speak english, and always answer the phone promptly.

Anonymous said...

i now have t mobile after they acquired suncom- i thought it couldn't get worse but it sure did 3-4 attemts to get calls out, constant "all circuits are busy" from these sorry scam artists t-mobile is short for "no reach-around"

Anonymous said...

as a tmobile employee I must reply. How rude were you? did you demand a credit or did you ask us nicely? have you ever read you user manuel or gone online to mytmobile and look the info? No I bet you just thought you could have it all for free and that if you were bitchy enough we would credit you. you have the information, if you chose not to use is not our fault

kmar4 said...

The customer service for TMobile is awful !! I have been on and off the phone all day and they don't know their butts from third base. Watch how fast I change my carrier !

Anonymous said...

T-Mobile taking over from Suncom is absoulutely the worst and should be investigated by the Attourney General. To summarize (and I am always polite until I get this happening) I upgraded to a national plan to not get charged roaming, got charged about $500 roaming anyway, and they baisically said I was lying when I complained, but acknowledged that I did sign up for the plan and that I did talk to a rep, so said they would refund half the roaming, but they never did; this was after about 12 calls and hours and hours. Finally they now block my calls to customer service so I get "number not availble" when I try to call! Is that criminal or what!

Outsource Call Center said...

Oh' sorry to hear that, In my opinion, Good customer service is necessary. I believe that treating the customer so politely makes them so comfortable and satisfied with your services.